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Penis Pumps for professionals: Best quality for high demands

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Pumpenschlauchspalter Penispumpe
Practical pump hose splitters used for secure...
For a penis pump can be effectively used and useful , they must have a corresponding stable circuit. However, this also means that the connectors between the hoses attention should be given special. The pump hose splitter is snug and...
€5.90 *
Penis pump cylinder with high wearing comfort
Penis pump cylinder with high wearing comfort
The manufacturer LAPD , with its cylinders for the penis pump an innovation on the market. The rounded , thicker ring at the lower end of the cylinder not only provides for a higher durability of the cylinder , but also increases the...
€99.90 *
Penispumpe Pumpenkissen
LAPD Silicon Pump Cushion
The new oval cylinder , which are available for the LAPD penis pump can still improve in spite of their good quality. This pump cushions made of high quality silicone allows an even more effective and, above all, more efficient use of...
€29.90 *
Quality hose for the penis pump
Quality hose for the penis pump
The hoses must withstand at a penis pump a huge load. They must be able to both the pressure or the positive or negative pressure to act easily , without deforming. A good choice of materials and especially good workmanship here are...
€4.50 *
LAPD Pump With Pressure Meter
LAPD Pump With Pressure Meter
A penis pump is the ideal tool when men are either suffering from impotence problems or impotence, or seek a penis enlargement. Thanks differently sized and quality cylinders an enormous effect can thus be achieved. But without the right...
€119.90 *
Penispumpe im Koffer
The practical penis pump case Mr. B
This case allows easy and above all discreet transport of the penis pump in best quality. The case made of durable hard plastic is filled with good insulating foam in which the recesses for penis pump, hose or cylinder of Mr. B are...
From €122.90 *
Penispumpe von Mr. B Zylinder
Elegantly shaped Mr B penis pump cylinder
The penis pump cylinder Mr. B is impressive not only because of its design , but also because of its high value. The rounded and ergonomically shaped cylinder is adapted exactly to the anatomy of the man and can sit up very easily . The...
€48.90 *
Penispumpe in Übergröße
Penis pump cylinder with double size
This cylinder for the penis pump convinced LAPD typical . Not only by the extremely high quality and craftsmanship , but also by its sophisticated design The large-scale cylinder has at the bottom of a considerably narrower input...
€249.90 *
Penispumpe zur Eicheldehnung
Use penis pump penis elongation
A penis pump is not only used to to provide a remedy for impotence, but also often serves of penis elongation and enlargement. With this practical cylinder from the house LAPD men can not only stretch your penis and exercise, but more...
€209.90 *
Penispumpe mit Hodenpumpe
The penis pump for special charm
This cylinder for the penis pump ensures due to its sophisticated system not only for a very hard erection, but can the man already during the application strongly excite . The cylinder consists of three different cylinder chambers. The...
€279.90 *
Penispumpe zur Penisvergrößerung mit ovalem Zylinder
LAPD Oval Mouth Cylinder
This cylinder convinced of the penis pump mainly by its extremely high quality of workmanship and the oval shape . This fits much better the organic conditions of men , not only provides a more comfortable to wear , but also for a more...
€114.90 *
Stable single-handed penis pump with high...
This penis pump impresses not only with its simple yet elegant design , but above all for their high efficiency. How can this penis pump easily operated with one hand from sturdy Hard plastic so that the user can use the other hand to...
€57.90 *
Penispumpe mit Druckmesser
Mister B Pump With Pressure Meter
Made from durable hard plastic penis pump by Mr. B convinces with its easy handling and high efficiency. This allows the penis pump use easily with one hand, so that the other is free to the cylinder to hold it in place . For a better...
€77.90 *
Brustwarzen Sauger Mister B in S
Mister B Tit Cylinders S
A perfect way to make your nipples bigger and more sensitive. We sell them per pair and their inner diameter is actually 15 mm. We also carry a larger size with a 22 mm inner diameter. When you want or need even bigger you can either go...
€64.90 *
Brustwarzen Sauger Mister B
Mister B Tit Cylinders L
A perfect way to make your nipples bigger and more sensitive. We sell them per pair and their inner diameter is 22 mm. We also carry a smaller size. When you want or need even bigger you can either go for the LAPD nipplecylinders or for...
€64.90 *
Pumpenverbindung Penispumpe
Two-Way Pump Connector
An ideal extra when you want to pump together with your mate or partner. This two way-connector allows you to connect two cylinders to one pump. Also you can use this buddy connector when you want to pump both your nipples at the same...
€74.90 *
Cylinder Coupling
Cylinder Coupling
Ersatz Zylinderverbindung
€14.90 *

You like to be in top form, fitness and performance are important to you? This expectation is also true for your cock? Then you are with a high quality penis pump for professionals on the right track. The pump is used to increase the potency and increase your stability. The training effect can be used for permanent improvement in size, length and girth. The most important thing but we must not forget: During the application of the pleasure factor is not to be overlooked!

Desirable side effects: How efficient is a penis pump
The goal is clear - you want a hard and long lasting erection. It does not matter if you have occasion to do with potency problems or just want to try what is possible with a vacuum pump. Consider the matter of the carefree, playful side! The penis pump allows you a strong reinforcement - good. The regular use of trained permanently steadfastness - better. You come with the pump up to full speed and have a lot of fun - the best! The application is actually completely risk. Then already respect the manufacturer, so you can use the penis pump for professionals without hesitation.

Excellent workmanship and stylish design
The penis pumps for professionals of the known producers and Mr. B LAPD guarantee excellent quality. Both processing and operation are absolutely great. In addition, the high-quality professional pumps can visually see. The advanced models You produce vacuum a vacuum which stimulates the corpora cavernosa and blood flow. The transparent cylinder allows you that you can watch the amazing growth - quite a stimulating gimmick! Penis pumps are designed for straight men, incidentally, equally suitable for homosexual couples. Together with your partner you can try out a partner pump.

Wanted Oversize? Steeltoyz has special sizes in Penis Pumps
You are already equipped innately greater and for some time in search of a matching penis pump? Conventional models are often limited in diameter and in length. Not anymore! Steeltoyz offers you professional pumps with oversized cylinders. Also interesting: The acorn pump offers a particularly exciting attraction for the glans.

Gripping nature quiet once the craft! With a professional penis pump you achieve strong and hard erections - feel for yourself now even by the fascinating effect!