Froehle penis pump

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Praktisches Penispumpen Set
Practical penis pump set
€34.95 *
Fröhle Hoden-Kondom
Fröhle Testicle Condom
€64.95 *
 Muschipumpe für besonders pralle Schamlippen
Vagina Sucker
€29.95 *
BK Vagina Sucker
BK Vagina Sucker
€34.95 *

Order to increase erectile function and to obtain various measures to be taken. At the mildest and healthiest be mentioned here, the products of the renowned manufacturer Fröhle. This provides for the man in different sizes erectile aids which convince both by their ease of deployment, as well as by the pleasant feeling. So also the testicle condom. The testicle condom encloses both the penis and the testicles fully. About a valve can now hand pump, a vacuum is created, which not only improves erectile function, but may also stimulate the production of sperm.

The situation is similar to the classic penis pump Fröhle. Such a penis pump is placed over the not yet or only weakly erect penis. By means of a small pump is now generated a negative pressure inside the penis pump, which can flow into the corpora cavernosa the blood.