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Froehle penis pump

Effective penis pumps from well-known manufacturers

The penis pump from Fröhle is available in different versions. The hand pump is as reliable as the electric model. Which of the two variants you decide on is irrelevant for success - both methods ensure a hard erection so that the act of love is once again a carefree pleasure.

The manufacturer Fröhle develops penis pumps, some of which are patented and help you to achieve a strong erection. The extensive range of accessories and the likewise highly effective condoms for local negative pressure treatment complete the range. The products are medically and technically tested.

How the penis pump works

The penis pump is an aid for the so-called vacuum therapy. A plastic cylinder is placed on the penis. The integrated suction pump creates a vacuum. The vacuum causes increased blood flow into the erectile tissue and an erection is achieved.

A rubber ring at the root of the penis prevents the blood from flowing back. The method is completely risk-free, but you should pay attention to the time: The rubber ring must be removed after 30 minutes to avoid damage.

Causes for lack of stability

Erectile dysfunction can have many causes. The most common are:

- Certain diseases, for example high blood pressure or diabetes
- Taking medication, for example medication for depression
- Stress at work
- Age-related reason
- Low testosterone level

Before you resort to potency-enhancing medication, the penis pump is clearly the better choice. The Training Effect comes with a good result. With regular use, an overall improvement is definitely possible.

The production of semen is stimulated and the increase in pleasure is not to be sneezed at! Break the taboo that unfortunately is still associated with erectile dysfunction.
The joint use of the penis pump, together with your partner, takes away the supposedly "embarrassing" feeling. You can do it again - thanks to the penis pump you can prove your stability in any situation!

Convince yourself now of the effectiveness of an efficient penis pump and look forward to hard, strong and long-lasting erections!