Anal lubricant for those special moments

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Just Glide Anal
Just Glide Anal
Water-based lubricant with a special rectum-caring 7-herbs formula to fully enjoy anal sex. 50 ml. Displayed languages on packaging: DE,EN,DA,NL,ES,FR,IT,RU.
Content 50 ml (€7.90 * / 100 ml)
€3.95 *
Just-Glide-Set - für den besonderen Sexspaß - auf Wasserbasis
Just-Glide-Set- water based
The Just-Glide-Set offers you special sex pleasures. You can let off steam with this set in different ways. The set consists of three different lubricants. All three lubricants are water-based. You get with this gelset an odorless and...
Content 0.6 Liter (€33.25 * / 1 Liter)
€19.95 *
The ideal lube for anal starters and pros. A silky shine water/silicone-based lube gel especially designed to ease the back entry pleasure. Skin compatibility dermatologically and clinically tested. Safe with condoms. 80 ml tube.
Content 80 ml (€22.44 * / 100 ml)
€17.95 *
BIOglide - das biologische Analgleitgel
BIOglide - the biological Analgleitgel -...
BIOglide is the first lubricant that is 100% biologically pure. It consists of vegetable or biotechnological raw materials. It is a water based lubricant for anal intercourse. It makes you very wet and allows easy dipping into your anal...
Content 80 ml (€18.69 * / 100 ml)
€14.95 *
Anal Gleitmittel
Pjur Back Door Anal Lubricant
With the Pjur Back Door Anal lubricant anal relax is announced, It is a relaxation gel for anal intercourse. The gel contains extracts of the jojoba plant. These have a nurturing and relaxing effect on your body. You get with this...
Content 30 ml (€33.17 * / 100 ml)
From €9.95 *
Medical Analgleitgel water-based
The medical Analgleitgel is water-based. It is a transparent gel, without any odor and taste. It's just practical. You get herewith a lubricant that makes your backside wet and easy to slide. The gel is kind to the skin and lasts for a...
Content 100 ml
€12.95 *
Flutschi für Analsex
Flutschi for anal sex
Flutschi is one of the most famous lubricants available. It is a lubricant for anal sex. The gel is based on silicone and water. This mixture has the advantage that you can enjoy a pleasant, soft skin feeling. Due to the silicone, the...
Content 80 ml (€14.94 * / 100 ml)
€11.95 *
Anal-Pflegespray - ein kühlendes Entspannungsspray
ANOÈ Anal Care Spray - a cooling relaxation spray
The ANOÈ anal care spray is a good preparation for anal sex. It is a cooling spray. You spray it directly on the desired skin region. You quickly feel a calming and relaxing effect. The relaxation spray can be applied to your anal region...
Content 30 ml (€59.83 * / 100 ml)
€17.95 *
EROS - silikonbasierendes Gleitmittel
EROS Anal Silicone Glide
Eros is a silicone-based lubricant. It is a special recipe, so you can enjoy the anal sex. The lubricant is particularly lubricious. It is long lasting and productive. You can use it with various Analtoys. It can be a good preparation...
Content 100 ml
€19.95 *
Anal - panthenolhaltiges Gleitgel - auf Wasserbasis
Gossip Wet Anal - panthenol-containing...
Gossip Wet Anal makes your backdoor especially wet and supple. The lubricant is water-based. It contains panthenol. This addition makes your anus very supple. The gel is a good preparation for anal sex. The lubricant is transparent. The...
Content 240 ml (€5.40 * / 100 ml)
€12.95 *
veganes anal Gleitgel
Just Glide - vegan anal lubricant - water based
Just links is a vegan lubricant for anal intercourse. It is free of fats and oils. If the gel leaves some residue, you can easily wash it off. The lubricant is water-based. It contains seven herbal extracts. It is a good relaxation...
Content 50 ml (€7.90 * / 100 ml)
From €3.95 *
Just Glide-Gleitgele Set
Just Glide Lubricant Set in small format -...
Just Glide offers you many different lubricants. With this Just Glide Lubricant Set you can test three different varieties. It is a set in small format. Each tube contains only 50 ml of lubricant. So you always have something on the way...
Content 150 ml (€6.63 * / 100 ml)
€9.95 *
Gleitgel mit Wärmeeffekt
Durex Play Tingling - the lubricant with...
Durex is a well-known condom and lubricant manufacturer. The Durex Play Tingling is a lube with heat effect. It brings a pleasant tingling to your skin and promotes blood circulation. The affected body parts relax by the heat...
Content 50 ml (€19.90 * / 100 ml)
€9.95 *
Analsex Gleitgel
AQUAglide anal sex -lubricant - water based
AQUAglide anal sex is a lubricant in a 100 ml tube. It is a dermatologically and clinically tested lubricant. The lubricant is oil and grease free. It's water based. You can use it generously without fear of leaving stains behind....
Content 100 ml
€13.95 *
Entspannungsspray für den Analverkehr
Pjur analysis me! Relaxation spray for anal...
The Pjur analysis me! allows you relaxed anal intercourse. The spray is a preparation for anal sex. It is suitable for men and women. The skin is made relaxed and stretchable with this spray. You become supple and can enjoy carefree. The...
Content 20 ml (€99.75 * / 100 ml)
€19.95 *
ANOS Special Spray
ANOS Special Spray
Nutritive anal spray with a cooling effect to sooth your skin and facilitate penetration. Application: apply 1-2 sprays on the anus and let react shortly. High dermal and mucosal tolerance, fat-free and water soluble. 30 ml spray flacon.
Content 30 ml (€59.83 * / 100 ml)
€17.95 *
Anal Relax Gel
Pjur relaxing anal glide - anal relax gel
The Pjur relaxing anal glide is an anal relax gel. It is applied and has a relaxing effect on the skin and muscles. The lubricant is provided with nourishing extracts of the jojoba plant. The product is particularly long-lasting. You'll...
Content 30 ml (€33.17 * / 100 ml)
From €9.95 *
Relax Analgleitmittel
Cooling EROS Woman Relax anal lubricant
The EROS relaxation spray is specially designed for the female anal region. If you like to satisfy anal, the spray is just right for you. It is small, handy and effective. The EROS Woman Relax Anal Lubricant is in a small pump spray...
Content 30 ml (€66.50 * / 100 ml)
€19.95 *
Wirkungsvolle Anal Relax Backside Cream
Effective Anal Relax Backside Cream
Anal Relax Backside Cream is especially effective. You only need a small amount of the cream to soften and soften your anal area. The cream is the perfect preparation for anal sex. The cream is greasy and makes you lubricious. Apply a...
Content 50 ml (€37.90 * / 100 ml)
€18.95 *
EasyAnal - für müheloses Eindringen beim Analverkehr
EasyAnal - for effortless penetration during...
EasyAnal is an anal relax spray. It is transparent and makes it very lubricious. The spray makes the skin supple and elastic. It is a relaxation spray. The spray is used in preparation for anal sex. The lubricant comes in a transparent...
Content 30 ml (€83.17 * / 100 ml)
€24.95 *

Anal lubricant

Many people love anal intercourse or the use of anal sex toys. However, since the anus is not able to moisten itself independently, such games should only be carried out with sufficient lubricants. Anal lubricant has been designed for this area of ​​application and convinces with its long-lasting lubricity and the relaxing properties for the anal region. Whether in anal intercourse, when using and applying buttplugs or in the case of cautious stretching with your finger or other toys: On Anal lubricant you should in no case do without.

Use the anal lubricant in its different versions

Anal lubricant is available in many different variations. Starting with the classic anal lubricant, for example the easyAnal. This anal lubricant is especially suitable for beginners in this playing area and is distinguished by its enormous sliding properties. The water-silicone-based lubricant does not dry out as quickly as conventional water-based lubricants, and is thus ideally suited for anal gumming. Use the lube in tender games with the finger, use it to spoil you with an anal chain or a buttplug or to provide during anal sex for the desired moisture and slipperyness. In the BDSM area too, an adequate supply of anal lubricants is always considered. Because damage or pain at the anus and sphincter are not risked even in intensive SM games. For this reason you should always have enough anal lubricant in the house, if you love anal games or want to try them alone or with partners.

Protects the sensitive skin and relaxes in addition

In addition to the classic anal lube, you can also use anal spray or anal cream as an alternative. Both variants also offer a very good sliding effect, but they also convince with additional effects. Because of their composition these aids help to relax the anus and the easier extension of the sphincter. The areas are better circulated and thus easier to relax, which is particularly beneficial in the case of increased stretching and intensive play. The particularly rich greasy ingredients ensure an optimal care of the surrounding skin parts and thus can prevent pain optimally. Whether you use anal spray, anal cream or anal lubricant depends on your personal taste or the preferences of your partner or your partner. All three versions of the anal lubricants have their own strengths and provide a nice and relaxed stimulation of the back pleasure regions.

Use the anal lubricant for all anal games

It is important that you use the anal lubricant not only for anal intercourse, but always when you play with your anus or your partner. Since the anus does not have any glands that ensure natural moisture, it must always be lubricated with sufficient lubricant. Otherwise, even the insertion of a finger due to friction can be extremely painful and unpleasant. However, by using anal lubricant, anal cream or anal spray, you can safely prevent this and improve the relaxation. Make sure that you add new anal lubricant as needed during the stimulation and thus get the glide over a longer period of time. For the anal lubricant also dries out over time with air contact and should then be renewed during the play. Often, however, it is also sufficient to apply a few drops of water, as the lubricity of the anal cream suddenly improves again. For longer sessions, the anal spray has proven to be extremely effective as it can be sprayed in during the game. Thus the game does not have to be interrupted.

What will make you particularly happy with the anal lubricant:

  • Simple and uncomplicated in the application
  • Easy to use with condoms and sextoys
  • Long and intense glide
  • Protects against pain during anal intercourse

Why you should use anal lubricants in any case

  • Ensures a perfect relaxation of the sphincter muscles
  • Reduces friction noticeably and comfortably
  • Protects the sensitive skin of the anus from damage

If you are interested in anal intercourse or the use of anal sex toys, you should use the anal lube in its different variants. At Steeltoyz you will find a rich and diverse selection of anal lubricants, which are characterized by their perfect gliding properties. Access and discover the pleasure of anal games alone or with your partner.