Toy Cleaner for hygienically clean sex toys of all kinds

Whether private or professional: You can find professional toy cleaners at your specialized dealer for sex toys from Germany.

Whether private or professional: You can find professional toy cleaners at your specialized dealer for sex toys from Germany.

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KY- Jelly Gleitgel für Dilator Spiele
KY- Jelly lubricant without additives
The KY-Jelly Lubricant is a lubricant that serves to supplement your personal moisture. The result is improved comfort during sex and when handling dilators. It is less likely to cause urethral injury. The lubricant is easy to handle. It...
Content 0.082 Kilogramm (€169.51 / 1 Kilogramm)
Mister B Toy Cleaner 200 ml
Mister B Toy Cleaner 200 ml
Mr. B quickly cleans the sex toy With Mr. B you have a good friend on your side. It is a toy cleaner that cleans and disinfects sex toys quickly. It is a tested product, which protects ideally against bacteria, fungi and viruses. Your...
Content 0.2 Liter (€100.00 / 1 Liter)
Gleitgel auf Wasserbasis getestet von Cruel Reell
Just Glide: Vegan water-based personal lubricant
Enjoy natural gliding pleasure - 100% vegan with Just Glide. Product description Natural and Gentle Just Glide water-based lubricant is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a natural and gentle solution. It is 100% vegan and ideal...
Content 20 ml (€9.75 / 100 ml)
from €1.95
pjur@ med AFTER SHAVE
pjur@ med AFTER SHAVE
Für alle Körperregionen geeignet! Durch die Rasur im Achsel- und Intimbereich kann die Haut empfindlich werden und es können Entzündungen und Pickelchen entstehen. Dieses Personal Calming- und Moisturizing-Spray wurde entwickelt, um dem...
Content 0.1 Liter (€139.50 / 1 Liter)
Pjur Toy Cleaner - perfect for in-between use
If you are very playful and like to change your sex toys in between, the Pjur Toy Cleaner is made for you. It is a fast-acting cleaning spray, which is skin-friendly. You can spray your sex toys during love play in between and then...
Content 0.1 Liter (€149.50 / 1 Liter)

Toy Cleaner gentle and safe

Even if cleaning with soap and water is sufficient, not all toys can always be cleaned this way. Toy Cleaners provide a thorough cleaning of your sex toys with gentle means. Thus, toy cleaners are no problem even for sensitive skin areas.

You only have to spray your sex toy with the Toy Cleaner and wipe it off with a dry cloth. Toy Cleaners are also available in different sized containers.

So you can easily pack a small bottle of Toy Cleaner for on the road. Thus, the Toy Cleaner is also suitable for travel and short trips. If you want it to be especially easy and thorough, you can also use Toy Cleaner wipes.

These wet wipes are already dipped in Toy Cleaner liquid and can be used directly. These wipes are also available in larger packs, so you can clean your toys at any time.

What is the best way to clean sex toys?

It is advisable to clean the sex toys directly after each use. Warm water and mild soap are recommended in any case. However, make sure that the toys are designed for such cleaning.

Not all electrically operated sex toys are waterproof. In this case, you need to be especially careful when cleaning and only use a damp cloth. After the first cleaning, you should also disinfect the toy with a toy cleaner.

Toy cleaners are extremely effective against bacteria, fungi and other pathogens and ensure fast and thorough disinfection. Simply leave the Toy Cleaner on for a short time and then wipe it off again with a dry and preferably lint-free cloth.

Can't I just use normal disinfectant?

Conventional disinfectant is usually not suitable for cleaning sex toys. Common household disinfectants are often too aggressive and can damage the surface of your sex toy. In the worst case, even the entire toy can be destroyed by the disinfectant.

Furthermore, normal disinfectants are extremely aggressive and can cause irritation on the skin. Do you really want to use or even insert a sextoy, which then leads to such irritations? Better not! Use a special toy cleaner and enjoy your sex toys for a long time.

Are toy cleaners harmful to health?

Toy Cleaners are absolutely harmless when used correctly and can be used without any problems. Toy Cleaner should also never be sprayed directly onto the skin or mucous membranes, as direct contact could also lead to irritation.

However, if the Toy Cleaner is sprayed onto the sex toy and wiped off with a clean and lint-free cloth after a short time, the use is absolutely harmless.

Enthusiastic about the Toy Cleaner will you:

  • The simple and quick use
  • The thorough disinfection
  • The feeling of safety when using the Toy Cleaner

Further advantages of the Toy Cleaner are:

  • Versatile application possibilities thanks to spray bottle or wipes
  • Fast cleanliness even in a professional environment
  • Can be used with most sex toys without any problems

Don't hesitate for long, get the right Toy Cleaner for your sex toys now. You will be surprised how clean and pure your toys will feel. In the future, you will no longer want to do without the Toy Cleaner.

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