Discover the male G-spot: Everything for prostate massage

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Prostata-Vibrator mit Lustkugeln
The Cheeky Boy - prostate vibrator with...
The Cheeky Boy prostate vibrator with lust balls offers you an extraordinary sex experience. The prostate vibrator has a lot on it, to bring you really explosively to orgasm. With this product you can massage your prostate and at the...
€69.95 *
Prostata melken mit dem Bad Boy
Milk Prostate with the Bad Boy Intense Prostate...
The Bad Boy Intense Prostate Stimulator offers you a beguiling opportunity to milk the prostate. It's a sex toy for real men. The erotic toy is introduced anal. Thanks to the shape and the vibration, you will reach the climax quickly and...
€89.95 *
Anfänger-Plug für die sanfte P-Punkt Massage
Beginner plug for the gentle P-point massage
This plug is a good beginner plug. You can do a gentle P-point massage with it. The stretching of your anal region is only light. The plug has a diameter of at least 1.3 cm. The maximum diameter is 3.0 cm. The length you get with this...
€59.90 *
Twisting Tom - für Elektrostimulation
Twisting Tom - for electrostimulation
With the Twisting Tom you have the perfect toy to milk the prostate. It is a special stimulator that can offer more like a simple prostate massage. The stimulator is held in the form of a plug. It also features the popular Flex & Stay...
€68.90 *
Big Bend - biegsamer Prostata-Stimulator
Big Bend - flexible prostate stimulator
The Big Bend is a prostate stimulator for experienced users. He has a length of 18 cm. In the diameter you can get to feel between 1.5 and 4.4 cm. These dimensions are strong and therefore not intended for beginners. The Analtoy is...
€68.90 *
Big Boy - wirkungsvoller Prostata-Vibrator
Big Boy - effective prostate vibrator
The Big Boy is a particularly effective prostate vibrator. He stimulates three points of your male existence. The anus, the P-spot and the perineum are massaged and stimulated at the same time. The big boy does not wear his name for...
€69.95 *
Versaute Spielchen mit dem Naugthy Boy Intense
Kinky games with the Naugthy Boy Intense
With the Naugthy Boy Intense you can act properly messed up. Your prostate and your perineum will be happy about this vibrator. He is beautifully bent and reminds a bit of a long finger. Thanks to the bend, the toy reaches your P-point...
€89.95 *
Rebel Bead-shaped Prostata Stimulator mit Vibration
Rebel Bead-shaped prostate stimulator with...
One-level vibration, lust balls, sexy bend and smooth surface. All this is offered to you with the Rebel Bead-shaped. It is a prostate stimulator. For prostate massage you can also enjoy a dam massage. At the touch of a button you turn...
€29.95 *

The prostate is considered G-spot of the man. You can add a hidden point with your fingers palpate (or palpate blank) and feel how intensely affect touches and massages the G-spot. Better and unerring is to use a butt plug, with or without vibration, which neatly brings you up to speed! The stimulation of the prostate works with a vibrator model on the vibration, the stimulator on the tensing and relaxing the sphincter. Important in both variants: Pay attention to quality and excellent workmanship, so you can prepare you the best possible experience.

Stimulation of the prostate
slender models are best suited for beginners and beginners. An anatomically and ergonomically sensible design ensures that you reach the G spot well without a massive expansion in the anal area is necessary. A popular and reliable entry-level model, for example, the Aneros SGX. It is made of skin-friendly and medically compatible material. The slim shape and smooth material allow easy penetration. You You can put yourself on a strong irritation and to brace intense orgasms - the narrow stimulator is in place, he can!

Who has more experience with anal plugs and stretching games, accesses a larger model. Here you expect numerous variants, various sizes and designs. For experts to offer the Aneros Progasm Classic ice on, already visually extreme elegance through the transparent appearance and interesting design. He has at the lower end two more stimulators and offers you so that an additional stimulus at the dam and at the sensitive area between the buttocks.

Butt Plugs with vibrator function
With vibration massage the prostate becomes more intense - the guarantee you the refined Plugs with vibrating effect. The manufacturer Aneros presents the prostate stimulator with vibration function, adjustable with five levels. The black plug has excellent sliding properties, the shape is adapted to the male anatomy.

You have already a lot of experience with vibrators? Then it's time for the Big Boy Prostate Vibrator - literally filling and satisfying! The design with the lusty balls suggests, what results are expected. In addition to our stimulators for prostate massage and Plugs with vibrator function, we have incidentally also models for electrostimulation. Let yourself be surprised!