Ballstretcher stainless steel, Leather and silicone

Ballstretcher (testicle ring) in many variations and materials. Ideal for ballstretching, SM games or just for stimulation during sex or masturbation. The stainless steel stretchers are made by us. Ball stretcher Guide

Ballstretcher (testicle ring) in many variations and materials. Ideal for ballstretching, SM games or just for stimulation during sex or masturbation. The stainless steel stretchers are made by us. Ball stretcher Guide

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Real quality convinces: Ball stretcher with the certain extra

The distinction in quality is hardly possible at first sight. Above all, for the laity, Ball stretcher all look somewhat similar, so that a simple distinction of the qualities is scarcely possible. Therefore the contact to the manufacturer of the Ball stretcher is the best way to find out about the practical and erotic sextoys.

With cheap products from the Far East, this is already the first hurdle. However, since you are reading these pages, you already know that you should pay attention to quality and have stumbled upon Steeltoyz. We not only offer Ball stretcher in an extremely high production quality, but also reveal to you of course which materials are used in our products.

This is especially important to us. We attach great importance to the fact that we manufacture our ball stretcher exclusively in our manufactory and do not buy ballstretchers from other producers. This is the only way to guarantee the quality of our materials and our processing. We only use medical stainless steel for our Ballstretcher, which is also easily tolerated by allergy sufferers. In addition, we always support our customers and provide a good accessibility for questions or problems.

Are you looking for a ballstretch in a special format, which can be optimally adapted to your wishes and preferences? Then just contact us and we will see what is possible and feasible. Of course, the prices at Steeltoyz can not compete with the cheap prices of Far Eastern manufacturers. But we do not want that. Because we offer exclusively high-quality materials, production directly in Germany and a quality that is second to none in the market for sextoys.


Purpose and purpose of Ball stretcher

Before you have a first Bal lstretcher, you should consider the various areas of application of the Ballstretcher. Depending on the application 09:12:5909:12:59, the material and weight of the Ball stretcher can vary widely.

Basically, ballstretches should stretch the hoof sac and push the testicles into the end of the sacrum. They are thus attached to the hoof sac above the testes and extend by their size and weight. Accordingly, you can already choose different weights and sizes for the Ball stretcher. Equally important, however, is the training situation and wearing comfort.

While a light and small Ball stretcher gives you the feeling of keeping the testicles gently enclosed, large and correspondingly heavy Ball stretcher can provide the stretching with a pain component. Would you like to wear the Ball stretcher out of herer pleasure or is this to be a punishment for you? Do you wear it only briefly or over a longer period of time?

And would you like to wear the Ball stretcher only during the intimate moments or to enjoy the feeling in everyday life? All these are important criteria when selecting the size, material and also the type of closure of the Ballstretcher.

From which materials are Ball stretcher

Basically, a distinction is made between soft and hard materials. The solid Ballstretcher made of hard material is made from high quality medical stainless steel at Steeltoyz. On the other hand, cheap ballstretches consist of inferior steels, which take the look of stainless steel by surface coating.

Unfortunately, these products always have allergic reactions or peeling off the coating, which reduces the wearing pleasure sustainably. High-quality medical steel ballstretcher, on the other hand, is easy to clean and maintain, and therefore, if necessary, last a lifetime.

Soft Ballstretchers, on the other hand, are often much lighter than the stretchers made of steel. Moreover, due to their material, they adhere particularly closely to the skin and thus hardly occur.

They are therefore excellently suited for everyday life and can even be forgotten due to their wearing comfort. Such Ball stretchers are usually made of materials such as leather, silicone, latex and neoprene. However, these materials also offer certain disadvantages.

Over time, the materials wear out and gradually lose their elasticity until they finally break. With good and comprehensive care you can still enjoy these products for many years. Only the leather makes an exception here, since an untroubled leather becomes stiffer and harder over time. In this case, it is above all the wearing comfort that can diminish significantly over the years.

Closures of ballstretches

Ballstretcher can be designed either as a single piece, or can be fastened securely by means of various closures. The one-part ballstretch are mostly professionally glued and are therefore no longer to be ripped by external influences.

It takes a little practice to set these ball stretchers independently, but the high wearing comfort and the missing closures are often worth it. Finally, such Ballstretchers barely carry on and above all can not hang with the fasteners on the clothing.

The other soft Ballstretchers often offer a wide picture of locking possibilities. Push buttons and lacing are the most widespread and offer a good and secure grip.

The hardest to finish: Ballstretcher made of stainless steel

The Ballstretcher made of stainless steel is particularly popular. These are offered in two different variants. Once as one or two-part cylinder and once in donut form. The Ballstretcher in donut form are extremely popular because of their high wearing comfort. They fit much more simply to the body and bear much less.

However, these Ballstretchers are also much more complex in the production and thus for the end customer more expensive. The cylindrical Ballstretcher, on the other hand, is extremely popular mainly because of its variable size, so that the stretching can be achieved not only by the weight of the Ballstretcher.

The Ballstretcher made of stainless steel is particularly popular with allergy sufferers, but they can be used without problems even with existing contact allergies. Our Ballstretchers are not coated but consist of 100% genuine medical stainless steel and are therefore ideally suited for allergy sufferers.

We advise our customers to take something deeper into the bag and buy high-quality products, rather than complain about allergic reactions in favor of cheap and coated ballstretches. Due to their design and material, our stainless steel ball stretcher is an investment that can accompany you for a lifetime.

The wearing comfort of ballstretches is always a product of three related factors:

  • The weight of the ballstretcher
  • The inner diameter of the Ballstretcher
  • The wall thickness of the ballstretcher


The correct inner diameter of the ballstretcher

The internal diameter is probably the most important indicator when buying a Ballstretcher. If the ball stretcher is too tight, he can not be worn without pain. If the ball stretcher is too wide, it does not sit comfortably and can slip over the scrotum in the worst case. Thus, it may happen that a testicle or even both are pressed through the ball stretcher.

An extremely painful procedure that we do not want any of our customers. A too tight ballstretcher can also influence and stow the blood flow. A good indicator is the color of the surrounding tissue. If the skin around the ball stretcher darkens, the blood circulation is impaired. In this case the ballstretcher should be released immediately. On the one hand, there is a growing pain, and on the other hand it can lead to perceptible damage to the surrounding tissue.

For this reason you should find the right inner diameters of your ball stretcher before the order. There are several measurement methods. We advise you to use at least two of these methods in order to avoid measurement errors and incorrect results. Perform all measurements only in a warm environment. We recommend always to carry out the measurements after a long shower or a stay in the bathtub.

Now take your hoof bag in your hand and pull it gently down. Now put a thick cord, a measuring tape or a laces around the thinnest area above the testes. Put the band so loosely that you can get your little finger between scrotum and band. Use a ruler and measure the distance on the tape. You should divide this by a factor of 3.14. So you get the diameter in centimeters.

We advise you to carry out a second measurement step. Get several metal or wooden rings at the DIY store. The inner diameters of your inner diameter should correspond to your measurement result and should be 5 millimeters larger and smaller than your measured value.

Now use the rings, again in the warm state of the testes, and let them slide individually through the ring. You can apply lubricant or oil to facilitate insertion. If the ring is now around your scrotum, this should be easy to turn. Leave the ring for at least 20 minutes on the spot and pay attention to pain or discoloration of the skin. Use the other rings as well to find the inner diameter that is comfortable for you.

The more thorough you do, the more joy you will have in your new ballstretcher. This may seem cumbersome, but with a lifelong investment such as a high-quality ballstretcher, this procedure is worthwhile in any case.


The right weight of the ballstretcher

Our ballstretchers in stainless steel are offered with weights from 50 grams to 6 kg. The limiting factor here is above all the human being, since we have no problems in the manufacturing process to increase the weight of our Ballstretcher. In any case, it is important to increase slowly and not to be too easily detected by the high weights.

Lighter Ballstretcher can often be combined with one another without difficulty in order to gradually increase the expansion effect. We advise you to pay attention to the outer diameter of the Ballstretcher, if you want to combine several Ballstretcher with each other, a uniform size looks not only more beautiful, but also offers a much higher wearing comfort.

Too much Ballstretcher can disturb the pleasure of this form of sexuality, especially at the beginning. The easiest way to determine your comfort weight is by wrapping a rope or a scarf several times around the testicle and then attaching carefully weights to it. You should be able to wear this assembly completely painless for up to 20 minutes. As a rule, beginners in ballstretching are equipped with weights between 200 and 300 grams.


Special shapes of testicle rings

In our assortment, we also offer further special shapes of the Ballstretcher at Steeltoyz. These are cups, crusher and expander.

The testicle cup completely encloses the testicle and can be both open and closed in the lower region.

The crusher, however, also surrounds the testes, but can be tightened by means of a screw mechanism. The expander, on the other hand, is variable in its length and can thus appreciably intensify the expansion of the hoof sack. Crusher and Expander are gladly used in the BDSM-environment in order to punish the sub or to push the stretching of the scrotum.


Entering a Ballstretcher

No matter what material you choose your first Ballstretcher: you have to enter every Ballstretcher. We recommend to shave the scrotum before applying the Ballstretcher and make it supple with oil. This way you avoid annoying pulling or unwanted friction through the Ballstretcher.

Start with short wearing times and pay attention to your feelings. It is important that the scrotum still feels good after removing the ballstretcher. This is important because the testicles and the hoof sac can still react even after the weight loss.

Many of our customers describe a slight pull and redness after prolonged wearing sessions. So do not make the wearing time dependent on how you feel during wearing. What is crucial is that you feel a good feeling after removing the ball stretcher. For this reason, the wearing time never climb more than five minutes, but slowly test yourself at a new time. This applies to every new ballstretch and weight gain. Give your body time to get used to this form of stimulation.


Scrotum and testes are the most sensitive areas of the male body. For this reason, overloads in this area quickly lead to perceptible pain. Even after the removal of a ball stretcher, this can lead to painful after-effects. If you have exaggerated weight or tragedy, and the pain is stronger or longer, you should consult a doctor. After all, nothing is reprehensible about sextoys. But the doctor can neutralize the possible damages and help you to remedy the pain quickly.

The heavier the ballstretcher, the more careful you have to be. With a weight of 500 grams, the Ballstretcher can permanently change the length and the shape of the scrotum if you wear it long and intensively enough. This also applies to the vas deferens inside the hoof sac, which is also stretched by the ball stretcher. For this reason, you should avoid too fast or intensive stress due to excessive weights in any case. The resulting damage can be irreversible.

But do not worry. Skin, testicles and your head will continually adjust to the weight of the ballstretch and adapt. Some customers even report that you wear the ballstretcher even during sports. We can not support this, since this reverts to the natural function of the testes.

Finally, the testicles move closer to the body during movement and strain to reduce the risk of injury. If you wear a ballstretch, however, this natural reaction of the body is no longer possible. Thus, a ballstretcher can significantly increase the risk of injury in some sports. Ultimately, you decide how and when you want to wear the ballstretcher.

So in the sauna you should be careful. It is true that a stainless steel ball-stretcher is far less easy to heat up, but it can deliver the heat absorbed to the testes. These have no possibility to regulate the temperature in their interior, which can adversely affect the present fertility.

Reviews for Ballstretchers

Not all Ballstretchers can be worn unobtrusively under clothing. From a certain size and a certain weight of the Ballstretcher the scrotum distinguishes itself clearly under the clothes. This can be quite wanted in the game, but in everyday life can be felt as disturbing.

Longer neoprene ballstretches can usually be applied very easily, but are often problematic when removing them. Here you should first oil the scrotum and then pull the ball stretcher with your fingers apart. Now you can pull it slowly over the testicles. If you have bought a neoprene ballstretch with a narrow inner diameter, the last solution is often only the scissors.

Accessories for Ballstretcher

Our stainless steel ballstretches are always delivered completely. You get both the ball stretcher and the right tool for secure screwing of your ball stretcher. We advise you to carry additional ball stretchers however to further accessories.

On the one hand you should use a silicone-based oil to keep your hoof sack pleasantly supple and to increase the wearing comfort. For ballstretches with a higher weight, we advise you in addition to light neoprene rings, which should be worn between the testicles and ball stretcher. These ensure an even weight distribution and increase the comfort of the wearer immensely. Neoprene rings in different sizes are also available at Steeltoyz.

Care of Ballstretcher

Our Ballstretcher made of stainless steel, silicone and neoprene is easy to clean with conventional hand soap by handwash. Our stainless steel ballstretches can be cleaned even in the dishwasher, but after a few rinses they lose some of their natural luster. If you want to keep the look of the stainless steel ballstretch, you should clean it by hand.


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