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Steeltoyz company has been an experienced supplier and producer of fancy BDSM sex toys for years, but also provides its customers with high-quality normal sex toys of various kinds.

The company's customers rely mainly on their high quality and best workmanship and in many cases on the possibility to have sex toys made to measure.

Quality work in a tradition of craftsmanship
Owner Marcel Kühne has managed to make a name for himself in one of the fastest-moving areas in the world - the sex toy business. This was achieved primarily through a consistent focus on quality and a rich and high-quality selection.

Many of the sex toys and sex toys in the assortment of Steeltoyz are manufactured in the company's own manufactory. This allows for an enormous product quality, which cannot be found in mass-produced goods from the assembly line. Especially the area of BDSM toys benefits from this care and quality.

Thus, the most unusual games can be performed with all the safety that is possible. The offer of is aimed at both private individuals and commercial customers and is gladly used by both parties. Especially in the commercial sector, the sextoys from Steeltoyz are particularly popular and sought after due to their quality and durability.

The sextoys are crafted with the highest precision and in most cases are polished by hand after machine production. This not only ensures a velvety-smooth surface, but also increases safety for the user. Sharp edges or corners are avoided by thorough finishing and consistent quality control.

The choice of materials decides
All sex toys and accessories manufactured and produced in the Steeltoyz workshop are made of only the best materials. Especially stainless steel and leather are used here and are processed into fancy and desirable sex toys. The medical stainless steel, which is used in the production, offers other advantages in addition to the enormous durability and stability.

Thus, this material can be used without any problems by allergy sufferers, who in many cases have to do without the use of sex toys. With the products made of high-quality and, above all, carefully processed stainless steel, this danger does not exist. In addition, the sex toys made of this material also offer enormous advantages in the commercial sector.

For example, the sex toys and accessories made of stainless steel can be cleaned and disinfected particularly well and easily and can thus be used for changing customers. Also, the leather used in many sextoys and toys is of the highest quality and appropriate thickness. This prevents the devices from wearing out quickly or marks appearing on the leather.

In addition, it is important that only high-quality tanned leather is used, and that the manufacturing process pays attention to the highest compatibility. This is the only way to create toys and devices that meet the high quality standards of Steeltoyz.

Thanks to the robustness of the material and the associated durability, both toys and devices from the workshop of Steeltoyz are designed for years of use without losing beauty and functionality.

Set up your own studio with
Whether in a private setting or in the course of commercial employment. Whoever deals with the field of BDSM will soon not get around the acquisition of new equipment and toys. The furnishings of Steeltoyz offer the ideal compromise between form and function and already offer the right ambience for an appropriately furnished studio through their cool metal look.

The great advantage here also lies in the use of high-quality steel. On the one hand, this provides more safety, as the passive partner can be secured effectively and above all without danger during bondage games. In addition, no bondage leaves traces on the material, so that it shows far less signs of wear than many other, often only painted furnishings.

Whether it is a spreader bar, a gynaecological chair or a punishment trestle: at Steeltoyz you will only find furnishings of a quality that is built to last. It doesn't matter if you want to furnish your small, private torture cellar or your new studio:

At Steeltoyz, the furnishings only have to be purchased once and then last almost a lifetime. Unlike many other competitors, customers here can rely on durability, quality and the best workmanship.

Consistent quality control for all products
The final quality control is important for sex toys made of high-quality material such as stainless steel. Years of experience in processing stainless steel into fancy and high quality sex toys has shown how important comprehensive quality control is.

For this reason, all toys that leave the workshop of Steeltoyz are subjected to a thorough inspection. Both the functionality and the entire toy are checked for edges, corners and sharp burrs. Thus, as soon as the desired toy arrives, customers can use it immediately without any concerns.

Of course, for this reason, all shipped toys and equipment are disinfected and cleaned before shipping, so that nothing stands in the way of immediate use.

Only goods of the highest quality
With over 6000 different items in the online store, it goes without saying that not all of them can be manufactured in-house. So Steeltoyz offers in its product range a number of other toys from different manufacturers. But here, too, quality and the health of the customer are paramount.

Before new products are added to the range, their health hazard potential is checked, as are the materials used. Dangerous phthalates and other plasticizers, which have come into disrepute in recent years, will not be found in the range of

This is important because many customers blindly rely on the selection in the online store and want to store there relaxed and without any ulterior motives of potential dangers. From lingerie to fetish clothing, sex toys for men and women, and even the furnishings for an SM or BDSM studio, customers can find all varieties of lustful toys here that can enrich their sex lives and reignite their lust. Finding your way around the large selection of Steeltoyz is extremely easy.

Well sorted and clearly structured
The online store of not only offers more than 6000 products and a constantly growing assortment, but also gives customers the opportunity to find their way around quickly. The individual products are sorted by respective categories and are therefore easy to find.

The intuitive control and the good illustration and description of the individual products convinces all along the line. The product images are all in the best quality, so that customers can get an idea of the desired sex toys in advance. Hardly anything stimulates the imagination as much as looking at the new sex toy, which can be used just a few days later.

Thanks to the listing of the most popular products in the various categories, customers can quickly and easily orient themselves and see which products have been particularly well received by other customers. Perhaps one finds thereby new ideas or suggestions for the private or commercial possibilities, which can be exhausted with the again discovered toy.

Fast delivery in discreet packaging
Ordering sex toys online is not a foreign concept for many people. Both data protection and the personal sphere of customers are enormously important to Steeltoyz. Accordingly, the desired sex toys and toys are shipped neutrally packaged and can also be transmitted to packing stations if desired.

This not only facilitates shipping, but also allows customers to have the packages sent to a safe place. From an order volume of 90 euros, shipping via DHL is even free of charge for customers. All items in stock are shipped as quickly as possible and are usually available to customers within a few days.

In the case of custom-made products, shipping can often take a little longer, as these are worked by hand and the speed of production depends on the free capacity of the workshop. But for good quality you can gladly wait a little. After all, all toys are handmade and carefully checked before they are shipped.

As a "Trusted Shop" Steeltoyz also offers its customers a high level of security during the payment process and even the possibility to pay for purchases via Paypal. Highest flexibility and thus highest service for the customers is the motto here.

Toys for pleasure - no fetish comes up short
The selection of products at Steeltoyz is extremely comprehensive and above all stimulating. Starting with vibrators for women and men in a wide variety of sizes and designs, the online store has the right pleasure enhancer for practically every taste.

High-quality devices for electrical stimulation are available as well as butt plugs, strapons and fetish lingerie. From sheets made of vinyl or latex to catsuits, the offer includes only selected goods of the highest quality. Owner Marcel Kühne pays attention to the topicality of his own offer and the uniqueness of the products.

Many of the products offered here cannot be found in other German sex stores and are imported from overseas especially for the customers. Cheap Asian goods, which often bristle with harmful substances are not to be found here.

Customized production - easily possible for many toys
The already very wide range of can be easily expanded. Above all, the direct relationship and contact with customers is an important factor for customer satisfaction at Steeltoyz. Many products, which are manufactured in the manufactory of Steeltoyz, can be personalized for this reason.

Thus, the sizes of sex toys or plugs offered in the online store are often only the most common variants, which are preferred by a majority of customers. However, if a particular size is desired - be it particularly large or particularly small - this can in many cases be created directly as desired. Even unusual special requests are usually no problem for the experienced craftsmen of Steeltoyz.

It has proven itself to look for the direct contact and to communicate directly the own desires and conceptions. If plan drawings or plans are sent along, in many cases the wish for the own, unusual sex toy can be met. Thanks to the many years of experience of the employees and their know-how, personal dreams and wishes can be fulfilled quickly and easily.

Quality Made in Germany
For many customers, not only the quality is crucial, but also the origin of the products. As a German handicraft business with tradition, Steeltoyz can claim the seal Made in Germany.

Here, customers still receive genuine German workmanship worthy of the name. Made in the best tradition of craftsmanship and highest quality criteria, the sextoys , toys and accessories from this workshop convince even the most critical customer. High quality, handmade products at a fair and reasonable price can be found at Steeltoyz.

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