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Glans ring and penis plug stainless steel

Acorn ring and penis made of stainless steel as an intimate jewelery

The stimulation of the male limb is sense to us purpose of the glans ring stainless steel. This stainless steel ring is placed around the glans of the male, while the penis rod is inserted into the urethra. This does not only trigger an enormous stimulation, but also effectively prevents the flow of the ejaculate. For this reason the stainless steel ring is frequently also used in the BDSM range.

Our Eichelring stainless steel with penis stick is made of medical stainless steel and therefore suitable for allergy sufferers, as well as easy to clean and disinfect. High-quality manufacturing technology ensures round shapes and missing sharp edges. Thanks to different sizes, both from Eichelring and Penisstab, the right size can be found for every customer. Because only a good fit ensures the desired stimulation of the glans and the urethra and ensures the expected pleasure. This gives our customers a particularly finely graded selection of sizes and shapes for easier selection.

What is an acorn ring?

This glans ring is a penis jewelery and is known as intimate jewelery. On the ring is attached a ball which is fastened below the glans in the groove and sits there comfortably, but it must not pinch the penis. The glans ring can not only be worn as an intimate jewelery, but also for sexual adventures solo or two. During the day under the clothes the glans ring is pleasant to wear and it is an exciting feeling. By the movement while running the ball from the glans ring to the tip of the penis and you can feel the whole day constantly once again exciting exciters. The glans ring can also be installed excellently in the case of the love play. In this way, the partner can turn it over with the tongue during sexual intercourse.

How do I wear an acorn ring?

As mentioned above, the glans ring fits under the glans in the furrow. Depending on the dimension of the glans ring, you can also push it back up to the shaft. The glans ring should be comfortable but not too tight.