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The Prostate Massage - What you should know about the P-Spot

Here you'll find a wide selection of high-quality prostate massagers to enhance your sexual pleasure and possibly even gain health benefits. Our prostate massagers are specially designed for men who want to take their sex life to the next level.

Here you'll find a wide selection of high-quality prostate massagers to enhance your sexual pleasure and possibly even gain health benefits. Our prostate massagers are specially designed for men who want to take their sex life to the next level.

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Cockring with stainless steel asslock of your choice
Cockring with stainless steel asslock of your...
This cock ring with asslock made of stainless steel is a highlight for every man who values a classy look and best stimulation. The inner diameter of the cock ring is adjustable between 40 and 55 mm, which allows it to be individually...
from €119.90
EasyAnal - für müheloses Eindringen beim Analverkehr
Anal spray for effortless anal penetration
Anal relaxation with Easy Anal You want to get in the mood for carefree, erotic moments in the anal area? With Easy Anal Relax Spray this is no longer a problem. The spray ensures relaxed and supple tissue, so you can focus on pleasant...
Content 0.03 Liter (€761.67 / 1 Liter)
Prostate Twister zum Prostata melken
Prostate Twister for milking prostate
The Prostate Twister by Steeltoyz is an extraordinary prostate vibrator that will take your anal pleasure to a new level. With its spherical head and grooved shaft, it offers a special prostate massage that you won't soon forget....
Prostata-Vibrator für besondere Orgasmen
Prostate vibrator in C-shape
With this prostate vibrator you will experience special orgasms. The vibrator is held in C-shape. It offers unique stimulation thanks to its shape. With the introductory page you can reach your P-point perfectly. The non-insertable part...
P-Spot Pro vibrator with remote control
P-Spot Pro vibrator with remote control
Targeted stimulation of pleasure points with high wearing comfort The Remote Control P-Spot Pro vibrator is a flexible prostate stimulator that specifically stimulates the P-spot and perineum. But that's not all - with its ergonomic fit,...
Gleitgel "Easy Anal"
Transparent lubricant "Easy Anal"
Experience a pleasant anal pleasure with the transparent lubricant "Easy Anal". This special lubricant has been developed for the sensitive anal region and offers high lubricity. Product application The water-silicone based lubricant is...
Content 80 ml (€24.63 / 100 ml)
Batteriebetriebener Prostatavibrator in Schwarz
Battery operated prostate massager
With the battery-powered prostate vibrator in black you will experience a new level of prostate pleasure. With its curved shape and perfect size, the vibrator can stimulate your prostate in a targeted way. The strong vibration that the...
Prostata-Vibrator - der Vibrator für den Mann
Prostate vibrator - the vibrator for men
Even as a man you can enjoy vibrators. The prostate vibrator is a very special vibrator for men. He is anal introduced and massaged and stimulates your prostate. The vibrations reach your P-spot and can cause a wonderful orgasm. The...
Effective Prostate Vibrator - Vibrating Reach Around
Effective Prostate Vibrator - Vibrating Reach...
Welcome to the paradise for prostate lovers! With the Vibrating Reach Around from Steeltoyz, your next solo session will be an absolute highlight. In this guide, you'll learn everything you need to know about this impressive toy. Product...
P-Spot Massager: Intensive stimulation of the hotspots
P-Spot Massager: Intensive stimulation of the...
Product Description: Intensive stimulation of the hotspots with the P-Spot Massager The P-Spot Massager is a prostate vibrator with a curved shape that intensively stimulates the male hotspots. With its thickened head, it precisely...
Ass Gasm Cockring Vibrating Plug
Ass Gasm Cockring Vibrating Plug
An unforgettable experience awaits you with the Ass-Gasm Cockring Vibrating Plug from Steeltoyz. This black Anal plug combines the advantages of a penis ring with the stimulation of the P-spot. The blood stasis effect of the ring will...
Anfänger-Plug für die sanfte P-Punkt Massage
Beginner plug for gentle P-spot massage
This plug is a good beginner plug. You can perform a gentle P-spot massage with it. The stretching of your anal region is only slight. The plug has a diameter of at least 1.3 cm. The maximum diameter is 3.0 cm. In length, you get with...
Big Bend - biegsamer Prostata-Stimulator
Big Bend Prostate Stimulator
The Big Bend is a prostate stimulator for experienced users that provides uninhibited prostate massage. With a length of 18 cm and a diameter of 1.5 to 4.4 cm, it is not intended for beginners. Application: This toy features Flex & Stay...
Prostata-Vibrator in Penisform
Realistic prostate massager
Experience unforgettable prostate massages with the Rebel Cock vibrator from Steeltoyz. The vibrator is shaped like a penis and features a pronounced glans, a slight undulation on the shaft and a perineum bar, for a special massage...
Rebel Bead-shaped Prostata Stimulator mit Vibration
Pleasure Ball Prostate Massager
Experience a new dimension of prostate massage with the pleasure ball prostate massager. This prostate stimulator impresses with its single-level vibration, three pleasure balls and a delightful bend. Features of the pleasure ball...
9-fold prostate stimulation
9-fold prostate stimulation
Prostate stimulation has never been so intense and effective as with our "9-function prostate vibe". This high-quality vibrator combines nine different vibration modes that are specifically designed to meet the needs of prostate...
Prostate stimulation with electro power!
Prostate stimulation with electro power!
Steeltoyz's Electro Stim Prostate Vibe takes prostate stimulation to a new level. This vibrator sends electrical impulses specifically to the P-zone and perineum, creating a tingling and arousing sensation that travels throughout the...
Black prostate stimulator with perineum retractor
Black prostate stimulator with perineum retractor
Experience triple stimulation with the Rebel Plug with Perineumreizer! The black Anal plug pampers your prostate, anus and perineum at the same time. With 7 vibration modes in the perineum reducer, 5 tapping modes in the tip and 5...
Perfekte Stimulation des Anus, Damms und Prostata.
Silicone Prostate Plug
A special erotic experience awaits you with the Silicone Prostate Plug from Steeltoyz. This rechargeable prostate vibrator provides you with a range of functions that will make you vibrate. Stimulate Your Prostate The Silicone Prostate...
Flexible silicone pleasure: Naughty Finger Prostate Vibe
Flexible silicone pleasure: Naughty Finger...
Your Naughty Finger Prostate Vibrator - For an unforgettable erotic experience! Your Naughty Finger Prostate Vibrator is a flexible vibrator that is particularly flexible due to its finger-like shape. Through the targeted stimulation of...
Rebel RC Prostate Plug 2
Hot prostate massage with Rebel RC
The ultimate prostate vibrator The Rebel RC Prostate Plug 2 is an indispensable toy for those who like it hot. Thanks to its many functions and the pleasure-giving shape it will inspire you. The cuddly perineum bar and shaft are each...

The prostate is considered the G-spot of the man. You can feel the hidden point with your fingers (or have them felt) and feel how intense touching and massaging the G-spot can be.

Better and more targeted is the use of a butt plug, with or without vibration, which will get you going! The stimulation of the prostate works with a vibrator model via the vibration, with the stimulator via the contraction and relaxation of the sphincter.

Important for both variants: Pay attention to quality and high-quality workmanship so that you can give yourself the best possible pleasure.

Stimulation for the prostate

Slim models are best suited for beginners and novices. An anatomically and ergonomically sound design ensures that you can easily reach the G-spot without the need for massive stretching in the anal area. A popular and reliable beginner model is, for example, the Naugthy Boy Intense.

It is made of skin-friendly and medically compatible material. The slim shape and smooth material allow easy penetration. You can get ready for a strong stimulation and intense orgasms - the slim stimulator shows on the spot what he can do!

If you have more experience with anal plugs and stretching games, go for a larger model. Here you can expect numerous variants, various sizes and designs.

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