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The successful clit massage - The guidebook

A clit massage is a wonderful way to pamper your partner. After all, a massage means to relax, to calmly put yourself in the hands of your partner and just let yourself fall. Anyone who has ever experienced a massage knows how good and relaxed you already feel after a normal massage.

Sex games for more fun in bed

Sex is fun, releases happiness hormones and is important for a healthy relationship. Nevertheless, the sexual desire must be kept awake and actively played with, so that even in longer relationships between the sheets no boredom moves in...

Vaginal Fisting - A safe guide

Discover the world of vaginal Fisting with our comprehensive guide. Learn how to safely and responsibly prepare for the experience, how to make it intense and enjoyable, and what recommendations we have for accessories and aftercare. Learn how to respect and care for yourself and your body and experience vaginal Fisting in a safe and fulfilling way.

What is a MILF? A comprehensive guide

The term MILF comes from the English language and is the abbreviation for "Mother I'd like to fuck". Loosely translated, this phrase means: a mother I'd like to fuck. Although it is not possible to narrow down exactly when this term was invented, it is extremely widespread in the porn scene and is used there to describe

Pocket pussy - the ideal companion for on the go

You are on the road a lot and still want to satisfy your sexual needs? Then a pocket pussy is just the thing for you! In this blog post we want to tell you everything you need to know about the pocket pussy and show you how you can use it best.

How to use a labia spreader - a guide

You've decided to buy a labia spreader and now you're wondering how to use it? Don't worry, in this guide we'll explain everything you need to know, from choosing the right product to using and caring for it.

Blowjob History: The birthday Blowjob

Men, I'm sure you've already heard one or two sex stories, maybe even various Blowjob stories. But rest assured that this experience report will expand your previous knowledge about oral sex. My boyfriend's birthday was coming up. Anyone who has had anything to do with men knows that they want nothing more than that incredible Blowjob feeling. Always and at any time.

Anal sex stories: Submissive mare ridden in first anal sex

Warm up for a horny evening
The bed was covered with fresh black sheets, everywhere in the room were candles distributed, which wrapped the room in a pleasant light. The lubricating money lay directly to the massage oil tangible on the bedside cabinet, right next to the crop and the paddle.

Cunnilingus - properly lick can not everyone

Some women do not like oral sex. What is meant here is that they do not like to be licked. No wonder, because not everyone can lick properly.

A guide to Facesitting: history, techniques and experiences

There are many different types of sexual stimulation. The Facesitting is one such variant, which can be classified as both soft and hard. This depends on the wishes and needs of the partners involved.

Rimjob - Rimming: Pleasure instead of disgust

The rim job gives many a feeling of disgust. Some don't even know what it is and others love it almost more than anything else. Rimming divides the minds and of course the buttocks!

The best blowjob of his life - Guide

We show you in our blowjob guide, what a blowjob is, what you should pay special attention to the blowjob and how you can offer your partner a perfect blowjob.
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Sex stories: Tested in handcuffs

Soon it should be so far. Jasmin's wedding was imminent. Only a few more days she could enjoy her life in "freedom"

Not that her husband was a tyrant who locked her up or anything like that, but being married is still something else than just living in a partnership. Carol, Jasmin's maid of honor had been secretly planning a bachelorette party for weeks. Tonight the planned fun should start.

Dirty Talking - How do I say it right?

Come on, tell me something dirty!" Many of us have dreamed of this sentence, perhaps heard it ourselves or said it ourselves. Even though the eyes and the sense of touch play an important role in sexuality, our other senses are also involved in many ways. Dirty talking is one of the most beautiful and exciting ways to take your sexuality to a new level

How does a footjob work? The Steeltoyz Guide

The footjob is particularly popular both in many movies and in the lived sexuality of many couples. At the same time, this variant of sex by far does not only concern foot fetishists, but is also loved by many couples without this particular fetish.

Our guide: Handjob variations for every occasion

Whether alone or with your partner. To take care of the best piece of the man is enormously satisfying and feels very intense. But the handjob can lose a little of its appeal over time if it is always done in the same way. However, if you bring a little variety into your own performance, you can quickly experience completely new feelings during a handjob.

Blood penis vs.meat penis Where is the difference?

Women should not conclude from the flaccid size of the male member to its erection size. Because there are two different penis forms, which act and react significantly different...

Sex Stories: The stranger on the farm

At just 28 years old, I became a widow. My husband died of a rare disease, leaving me with nothing but a small, neglected farm. Two years of mourning passed until I and my farm blossomed into new life. A life full of passion and eroticism.

Sex stories: Vibrations of passion

I have always been a very open-minded woman who likes to meet new people. I have never had any problems approaching others

Nevertheless, there was until recently something where I was actually shy, reserved and downright shy. Fortunately, this also came to an abrupt end. But I'd best start from the beginning.

The Creampie: What is it anyway?

Creampie refers to the clearly visible leakage of semen from the vagina or anus after sex. Both women and men often find this sight erotic and exciting. We'll show you how to show off your creampie to its best advantage.

What is FFM sex?

FFM sex means the joint sexual act between two women and a man. The FFM sex is considered especially desirable by men, although many women also benefit from this constellation. Often, the women have to interact more with each other so that everyone gets their money's worth during FFM sex.

Sex stories: Sex in the wilderness

She's famous, so I won't name her here, but the lady I chauffeured last year had legs I couldn't resist. Long, defined and in black nylons, the pretty woman stretched one of her legs from the back seat through to the front, to the center console of my Audi

Sperm - this is a topic that divides opinions

Again and again you read and hear questions about sperm. Swallowing or spitting out, the change of taste through food and also different sperm games are always a topic

We would like to answer the most important questions about sperm for you and show you what is possible with sperm.

Sex on the sofa is not boring

Sex on the sofa is considered boring by many. This is partly because for many it is nothing more than a bed. What is there great possible, apart from the conventional bedroom positions? The sofa sex is absolutely hot, erotic and spontaneous! If he is boring, it's up to you!

Sex in the bath - always a challenge

Sex in the bathroom is always a real challenge. In fantasy wonderful sex positions happen, wild, uninhibited and totally easy to realize

Masturbation - even alone you can have fun

Self is the woman, even when it comes to sexual satisfaction. Men can do great things with you, but sometimes solo sex is also quite nice. You can explore yourself in many different positions.

Greek - Sex from ancient times

When talking about Greek sex, a sex practice is meant that dates back to ancient times. Of course, it is still practiced today with pleasure.

Expressing sex desires instead of giving up orgasms

Repeated sex without orgasm leads to frustration, which can then burst out of you very unflattering. So rather express sex wishes, instead of doing without orgasms

Sex in the workplace? From the fetish of role play

Many of us dream of having sex at work and have already taken a closer look at an attractive colleague. Unfortunately, in reality, this desire usually does not come true.

The best way to seduce your man

A man wants to be seduced, he wants to be driven crazy again and again. This does not require changing ladies, but only something creative of a single woman

Men - good sex everyone feels differently

What do men like in bed? Or what do men like in women? These are questions to which there is no blanket answer. Every man has different needs and desires.

Sex with a woman better than with a man?

Women have fantasies that are very far-reaching. Fantasies of sex with a woman are not excluded. Is this now something bad or reprehensible? No, it is not! Such fantasies may even be lived out.

Spanish sex - hot with boobs insertion

Spaniards are hot-blooded and particularly good lovers. At least that is what is always claimed. But does Spanish sex have anything to do with that?

French sex in bed for him and her

Sex is very diverse, this is reflected not only in the many possible positions, but also in the possibilities of pampering art. A particularly beautiful form of pampering is sex in French.
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Russian sex - the thigh sex in focus

The term Russian sex has been established for years. What is meant by this sexual practice is the so-called thigh sex

Ladies, this is how you make your men happy

That men have special preferences during sex is nothing new. But that you can make your man happy even with little things, is certainly something new for you. Not every man wants to experience particularly unusual things.
Many people think sexting is just sending naked pictures. But there are many more ways to get your partner really hot with dirty talk and text messages.

Masturbation - Erotic tips for the women

Masturbation has long ceased to be a taboo subject. More and more women enjoy masturbation and thus take care of their own well-being.
Foreplay is very important for a woman to actually experience an orgasm. But it is important that you also hit her erogenous zones. Erogenous zone woman, you can not google, you have to feel it!

Sex in the car does not have to be uncomfortable

Sex in the car does not have to be uncomfortable. It always depends on the position and of course on the respective vehicle. The bigger the car, the more you can let off steam in it.
Tenderness and intimacy for two is wonderful. If you want to put your partner in a special mood, you should know these special points on his body in any case.
Sex in the shower is not possible? Yes it can! With a little skill and a lot of feeling you will reach your goal! There are a few positions that work even in the smallest shower stall.

Threesome - The sex in threesomes - top or flop?

Most men usually think of sex with two women when they think of sex in threesomes. Women, on the other hand, very often rather want sex with two men

What is MMF Sex?

The abbreviation MMF is mainly used in the American language area and stands for Male Male Female, i.e. the combination of two men and one woman. Thus, the term is primarily a synonym for ...
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What is squirting: the female ejaculation

Squirting is a form of female ejaculation. It is usually triggered by intense stimulation of the G-spot and cannot be voluntarily controlled by women. Basically, it is claimed that every woman could squirt, but only some of the women ever come to this pleasure.

Let yourself be inspired and guided

New desires, new fetishes or even new sexual stimuli do not come flying out of the empty air. As a rule, it is key stimuli that awaken the corresponding desire in us. So why not browse a little in our knowledge category and take away some new impressions.

Who knows. Maybe you will find a new and to you so far unknown area of sexuality, discover new possibilities, which you would like to try out with your partner. After all, you don't always have to follow the same well-trodden paths, but can also evolve and rediscover your own sexuality with new practices or sex toys.

A new world awaits you

It's perfectly normal for sexuality to become less important in the course of a relationship. But you don't have to leave it at that. Because the use of different sex toys or even the discovery of new variations of sexuality can quickly create a whole new tension, which can make your own sexuality blossom again.

Enjoy browsing through our guides together with your partner, discovering new things and gaining new interests. Sometimes even a small suggestion is enough for you to try out completely new things and discover and experience new worlds of pleasure together. Because even if you already know each other for a long time.

A role reversal, a game of power and submission or simply the use of toys such as anal plugs, vibrators or love balls can get the desire going again.