Stainless steel ball stretcher expander

Ball Stretcher Stainless Steel Expander

With the Ballstretcher Expander a stepless stretching of the testicles and scrotum is possible. Rings and spacers are interchangeable. Ball stretcher guide

Ball Stretcher Stainless Steel Expander

With the Ballstretcher Expander a stepless stretching of the testicles and scrotum is possible. Rings and spacers are interchangeable. Ball stretcher guide

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Ballstretcher Expander
The Steeltoyz® Ballstretcher Expander Spacer only
Spacer for our Steeltoyz ® Ball Stretcher Expander Scope of delivery: -1 Spacer with two threaded rods and nuts 2 Steeltoyz ®- Top Quality Made in Germany
Ballstretcher Expander
Experience With the Ball Stretcher Expander an...
The Ball Stretcher Expander is an excellent tool if you want to make the expansion of the scrotum as variable as possible. The Ballstretcher expander consists of two testes rings, which are held by means of a spacer apart. The spacer...
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It consists of two ball stretchers, which are separated from each other by means of a spacer. When the hexagonal shaft is rotated, the two testicle rings on the spacer slide further apart so that the testicle is stretched and lengthened.

Thanks to different inner diameters and spacers, the stretching of the scrotum can be easily regulated and increased over time

The clean and extremely careful workmanship of the Ballstretcher Expander ensures a pleasant feeling and high wearing comfort here, as all edges are rounded and thus secured by us as a matter of course. Of course, we also offer our Ballstretcher Expander as custom-made products directly according to customer requirements, so that we can enable virtually any size and any distance between the two testicle rings.                   

Our stainless steel ball stretcher expanders will inspire you. Medical stainless steel, different sizes and stretch levels and the possibility to vary the stretch if needed characterize our Ballstretcher Expander from Steeltoyz.
Whether in the privacy of your own bedroom, during BDSM sessions or even at swingers parties or when visiting a swingers club: The Ballstretcher Expander provide increased pleasure and attract the eyes almost magically

The correct use of the Ballstretcher Expander

If you want to try the Ballstretcher Expander yourself, you should start slowly as a beginner. For the beginning a simple ball stretcher is enough, which already pulls your scrotum down due to its weight and stretches it. The weight of the ball stretcher is completely sufficient for the beginning. If you then use two-part ball stretchers such as our Mandax system, you can now actively strengthen the stretch.
One ring is placed around the shaft of your scrotum. The other is attached to the first by means of the screw rods and provides for the downward stretching of the scrotum. The length and intensity of the stretch can thus be precisely and finely regulated.
Thanks to screw rods of different lengths, you can thus intensify the stretching of the scrotum and adjust it to your wishes and needs. Our Ballstretcher expanders are adjustable by means of included tool keys, which allow a fine manipulation of the expanders. So you can gradually advance or spoil your slave or partner more and more.

The Ballstretcher Expander convince by:

  • Their high-quality material made of medical stainless steel
  • Their very good fit due to different diameters
  • Their easy handling due to the included tool keys
  • Their extreme stretching of the scrotum on request

More reasons for the shapely Ballstretcher Expander from Steeltoyz

  • You can adjust the stretch exactly according to your wishes millimeter by millimeter
  • The high quality workmanship ensures a long life of the Ballstretcher Expander
  • The Ballstretcher Expander are easy to clean and disinfect
  • The Ballstretcher expanders quickly adjust to your body temperature

Advisor ball stretcherGuide for Ballstretcher

Get the high quality Ballstretcher Expander at Steeltoyz and experience for yourself how intense a stretching of the scrotum can feel
You will be thrilled how easy it is to put on the Ballstretcher Expander and vary its length.
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