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Dilators for urethral stimulation for him and her

High quality dilators for hygienic play from your specialized dealer for sex toys from Germany. You can find more help in the Dilator Advisor

High quality dilators for hygienic play from your specialized dealer for sex toys from Germany. You can find more help in the Dilator Advisor

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Mister B Toy Cleaner 200 ml
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Dilators Guide

Men in particular are interested in urethral stimulation in many ways. While women discover this form of stimulation rather rarely on their own, many men get the idea to stimulate the urethra during masturbation. In most cases, the entrance of the urethra is stimulated.

Urethral stimulation with the dilator: A special feeling

Whether with the finger, the tongue or with appropriate sex toys does not matter. To extend this stimulation and push it to the extreme, so-called dilators can now be used. These are designed by their structure and shape so that an intense and above all gentle stimulation of the urethra is possible.

The stimulation of the urethra has not only been practiced for many hundreds of years, but has now gained a much higher social recognition. If you take a look around at how many forums and theme posts you will find on the field of urethral stimulation, you will be amazed.

Men and women alike love playing with the urethra and this sexually motivated stimulation of the urethra with finger, tongue or a dilator. Urethral stimulation is also a popular activity in a wide variety of fetish areas.

Especially in BDSM, the stimulation of the urethra can not only provide an enormous excitement, but also increase the possibilities of control again.


Health should always be in the foreground

As pleasurable as urethral stimulation may be, this area is also fraught with some dangers. Many men, and very few women, have had their own bad experiences with urethral stimulation.

Many patients have been admitted to the emergency rooms of many hospitals who have had wires, beads or other things inserted into the urethra and have been unable to remove them.

If such an accident should happen, above all you must not wait too long. Shame has no place here. You should go to the emergency room immediately and describe your situation. The sooner the doctors can react, the more comfortable you will be.

For this reason, dilators are the best solution if you want to experience urethral stimulation yourself. These dilators are specially made for this purpose and cannot simply disappear into your urethra.

In addition, the dilators are easy to clean and sterilize. Because this is the next important part: the urethra and bladder should never be contaminated with germs from the outside. Maximum sterility and cleanliness are the top priority when stimulating the urethra. Sterile lubricant and thorough cleaning of the dilators should always be the top priority when playing alone or in pairs.

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The right dilator for men


A dilator guide for HIM

To discover urethral stimulation for yourself with a dilator, you don't need many tools. You need a dilator made of high quality material. Medical stainless steel is the gold standard here. Make sure the diameter is as small as possible. Four millimeters is usually a good starting point.

You will also need a disinfectant cleaning agent to disinfect the dilator before and after use. Now you still need a sterile lubricant, which makes the penetration of the dilator more pleasant. As a man, you have the great advantage that you can choose from his very large selection of different dilators.

This is mainly due to the male anatomy. The male urethra is almost completely straight and can therefore be easily stimulated along its entire length.


How to get started with urethral stimulation

First of all, you should get acquainted with your urethra a little bit. Stroke the exit of the urethra or stimulate it with a vibrator. You will be surprised how intense these touches can already feel.

But that's not all. If you have a suitable dilator at hand, you can slowly start stimulating your urethra. Make sure there is enough lubricant on the tip of your member and stroke the tip of the dilator over the entrance of your urethra.

You will already feel a slight tingling sensation. When you are ready, you can now slowly insert the dilator into your urethra. Be as gentle as possible and take your time. The dilator will now slowly dilate your urethra. Try to concentrate on the feeling and relax.

The male urethra is pleasantly straight, so you can slowly push the dilator forward. Enjoy the feeling when you move the dilator inside you. Even this stimulation can be enough for the beginner to experience a climax.


Advanced stimulation offers more possibilities

If you get used to urethral stimulation and want to go a little further, you can of course vary the stimulation. For example, there are not only dilators made of stainless steel, but also of other materials.

These not only feel different, but can also have a different structure. In combination with a different size of the dilator, you can thus comprehensively change the stimulation. If you have a dilator that belongs to a stimulation current device, you can also use this combination.

However, this is mainly suitable for experienced users, because the stimulation by means of stimulation current in the urethra is described as extremely intense and above all very exciting. Here you can best approach slowly and increase the frequency of the stimulation current device very slowly.



Absolute confidence: Let the urethra be stimulated

Whether together with your partner or in a BDSM session. The stimulation of the urethra by another person is even more intense and exciting for you.

However, you should put a certain amount of trust in the technical and manual skills of your teammate. Since a stimulation of the urethra must always correspond to your condition, you should always use a stop word for such games.

If a movement hurts or is uncomfortable, you should immediately interrupt the game. It is better to wait a little while before trying again. However, if the pain persists, you should stop immediately.


Pain during dilator use

A dilator is a safe way to stimulate the urethra. Too wild or careless movements can still be painful. This is usually not a problem because the dilator is unlikely to injure the urethra. However, if the pain is severe or persistent, you should immediately seek medical attention.

There is no room for false shame or hoping for a spontaneous recovery. The sooner you get to a doctor and tell them about the problem, the easier it will be to help you.

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The right dilators for women

A dilator guide for YOU

For women, you can distinguish between two different dilators. There is, as with men, the so-called urethral dilator. In women, this is usually made of a soft and flexible material, since the urethra of women is curved.

Only through an appropriately bendable and adjustable dilator, the urethra of women can be optimally stimulated. The second variant of dilators for women are the so-called vaginal dilators. These are usually prescribed by the doctor, for example, if the woman can not have sex without pain.

Here, dilatation plays an important role. The dilators of different thicknesses are inserted and used until the woman has become accustomed to the penetrators and can relax the muscles of the vagina. Such dilators can be used both for particularly tight women and for women with a psychological blockage.

Vaginal dilators are not usually considered a sex toy and are rarely used as such. However, dilators can be applied to prepare the vagina for the actual sex act during foreplay.

Urethral dilators for women in use

Many women are extremely sensitive at the exit of the urethra and can be very well sexually stimulated there. However, only a few women discover the internal stimulation of the urethra for themselves. Here it is often the partner who opens up this possibility of stimulation to the women.

Here, too, it is enormously important to ensure a hygienic environment and correspondingly high-quality and sterile dilators. Due to the location of the urethral entrance, it is very difficult for many women to stimulate themselves alone at or in the urethra. In this case, partners can help and perform urethral stimulation.

In any case, it is important to use sufficient lubricant and to take plenty of time. Due to the bending of the urethra, the dilator must be moved much more slowly than is the case with men. The flexible dilator thus finds its way very slowly and provides the desired stimulation.

Using vaginal dilators correctly

In most cases, vaginal dilators are prescribed for vaginismus. This unconscious tightening of the vaginal muscles during penetration makes sex painful to impossible for many women.

Dilators can help break down these automatic blockages and get used to the sensation of penetration. In any case, it is important here that no pain should occur when using dilators.

It is best to use plenty of lubricant and work your way slowly through the different sizes. Always get used to a certain size for a sufficiently long time before you dare to use the next dilator.

If you wish, you can also use the dilators together with your partner. The sexual stimulation of your genitals not only makes it easier for you to relax, but can also make for a better love life. Your partner is usually happy when he or she can work with you to enjoy sex again.

Even if sex is already possible almost painlessly, you should not give up the use of dilators. They can help you consciously relax before sex and prepare for the act. Vaginismus is not a diagnosis you should be ashamed of. Thousands of other women have the same problem.

It is normal and the more normal you are with it, the easier you will get used to using dilators.


For men and women alike: Always clean dilators thoroughly

Hygiene with sex toys is important. Men and women are equally aware of this. However, this is especially true for urethral dilators.

Both before and after use, you should not only clean dilators thoroughly, but also disinfect them. Various cleaning agents and wipes are available for this purpose.

This way you can prevent unwanted bacteria from entering your urethra and causing, for example, a bladder infection or a urinary tract infection. This is not only unpleasant, but can also affect the kidneys in the worst case.

Hygiene is just as important during urethral stimulation with the dilator as

Caution and consideration for the feelings of the stimulated person.

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