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Are you looking for sex tips & sex ideas for your sex life? Then you are exactly right here.

Are you looking for sex tips & sex ideas for your sex life? Then you are exactly right here.

The successful clit massage - The guidebook

A clit massage is a wonderful way to pamper your partner. After all, a massage means to relax, to calmly put yourself in the hands of your partner and just let yourself fall. Anyone who has ever experienced a massage knows how good and relaxed you already feel after a normal massage.

Sex games for more fun in bed

Sex is fun, releases happiness hormones and is important for a healthy relationship. Nevertheless, the sexual desire must be kept awake and actively played with, so that even in longer relationships between the sheets no boredom moves in...

Vaginal Fisting - A safe guide

Discover the world of vaginal Fisting with our comprehensive guide. Learn how to safely and responsibly prepare for the experience, how to make it intense and enjoyable, and what recommendations we have for accessories and aftercare. Learn how to respect and care for yourself and your body and experience vaginal Fisting in a safe and fulfilling way.

Lubricant for beginners: the ultimate guide

Want to know everything about personal lubricant as a beginner? Our guide covers all types of personal lubricant and gives you tips for safe use. Also discover suitable accessories for even more fun in bed.

The best Anal-Plug for beginners and advanced users

If you're looking for a Anal plug, you're spoiled for choice. There are so many different models on the market that it can be hard to find the right toy. That's why we've compared and tested the best Anal plugs for beginners and advanced players to help you decide.

How do I choose the right Masturbator?

Discover the ultimate satisfaction with the best masturbators for men! We compared six models to help you choose your perfect companion.

Advisor: Which anal plug is right for me?

If you like the feeling of anal stretching and would like to enjoy this feeling over a long period of time, then an anal plug is just right for you. But the choice is huge and the decision for or against a toy is extremely difficult in many cases. We explain to you exactly

Which vibrator best suits your needs?

Are you looking for the perfect vibrator for women? We have tested and compared the best models for you to make your decision easier.
You are looking for the perfect condom for your needs? You want to be safe and yet not forego comfort? Then you've come to the right place! In this product test we present you the best condoms on the market

What is a MILF? A comprehensive guide

The term MILF comes from the English language and is the abbreviation for "Mother I'd like to fuck". Loosely translated, this phrase means: a mother I'd like to fuck. Although it is not possible to narrow down exactly when this term was invented, it is extremely widespread in the porn scene and is used there to describe
The Folsom Street Fair is one of the largest and most well-known street festivals for the BDSM and leather community in the world. Each year, it attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world to celebrate the diversity and inclusion of the community. If you're planning to attend the Folsom Street Fair, there are a few things you should know to get the most out of your visit.

The Hanky Code: A Guide to Understanding and Application

The Hanky Code is a method of expressing sexual orientation and preferences within the LGBTQ+ community. It originated in the gay scene in the 1970s and has evolved since then. In this guide, we will look at what the Hanky Code is, how it is used, and the meanings behind each color.
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Pocket pussy - the ideal companion for on the go

You are on the road a lot and still want to satisfy your sexual needs? Then a pocket pussy is just the thing for you! In this blog post we want to tell you everything you need to know about the pocket pussy and show you how you can use it best.

How to use a labia spreader - a guide

You've decided to buy a labia spreader and now you're wondering how to use it? Don't worry, in this guide we'll explain everything you need to know, from choosing the right product to using and caring for it.

The Nuru Massage: definition and instructions

The traditional Japanese massage technique of the Nuru massage provides a sensual and erotic experience, which can be enjoyed with all senses. If you are interested in this form of massage and want to pamper yourself as well as your partner, we will show you in our instructions how the Nuru massage works and what you should pay attention to during the Nuru massage.

Gay stories: Bondage games of a special kind

Bound and gagged, he squats there. His muscles are tense. He seems to be expectant. His vinyl pants have a zipper. I open it and examine his now naked ass. The buttocks are round and crisp. I don't want to caress, I want to bite into it....

Blowjob History: The birthday Blowjob

Men, I'm sure you've already heard one or two sex stories, maybe even various Blowjob stories. But rest assured that this experience report will expand your previous knowledge about oral sex. My boyfriend's birthday was coming up. Anyone who has had anything to do with men knows that they want nothing more than that incredible Blowjob feeling. Always and at any time.

Anal sex stories: Submissive mare ridden in first anal sex

Warm up for a horny evening
The bed was covered with fresh black sheets, everywhere in the room were candles distributed, which wrapped the room in a pleasant light. The lubricating money lay directly to the massage oil tangible on the bedside cabinet, right next to the crop and the paddle.

Cunnilingus - properly lick can not everyone

Some women do not like oral sex. What is meant here is that they do not like to be licked. No wonder, because not everyone can lick properly.

A guide to Facesitting: history, techniques and experiences

There are many different types of sexual stimulation. The Facesitting is one such variant, which can be classified as both soft and hard. This depends on the wishes and needs of the partners involved.

Rimjob - Rimming: Pleasure instead of disgust

The rim job gives many a feeling of disgust. Some don't even know what it is and others love it almost more than anything else. Rimming divides the minds and of course the buttocks!

The best blowjob of his life - Guide

We show you in our blowjob guide, what a blowjob is, what you should pay special attention to the blowjob and how you can offer your partner a perfect blowjob.
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A gay story with a happy ending

Most gay stories that are out there are about pure sex and how awesome it is to be gay. My story, however, is a little different. Because what if it's actually about love and thoughts about the future?

Not every homosexual has only swinger parties and wild SM games in his head. Sure, a bit of SM or BDSM is also quite nice, but in real life, it is actually much softer. However, this does not mean that I have no fetish at all. For example, I prefer very special jewelry...

Gay stories: A hot vacation at the lake

Vacation at last! I let my tense shoulders circle and looked tiredly into the sun. Yesterday evening I had arrived late at my vacation home on the lake and could hardly wait to lie down in my hammock. I put the cool beer, which I had put last night still in wise foresight cold, next to me and made it comfortable. Satisfied, I groaned and enjoyed the sun on my skin, the wind in my hair and the sounds of the small waves that sloshed at regular intervals against my jetty. ...

Sex stories: Tested in handcuffs

Soon it should be so far. Jasmin's wedding was imminent. Only a few more days she could enjoy her life in "freedom"

Not that her husband was a tyrant who locked her up or anything like that, but being married is still something else than just living in a partnership. Carol, Jasmin's maid of honor had been secretly planning a bachelorette party for weeks. Tonight the planned fun should start.
In the gay scene, both in Germany and internationally, the term cruising is more than well known. The actual term of cruising comes from the English seafaring language, but in the gay context names a special form of contact

Dirty Talking - How do I say it right?

Come on, tell me something dirty!" Many of us have dreamed of this sentence, perhaps heard it ourselves or said it ourselves. Even though the eyes and the sense of touch play an important role in sexuality, our other senses are also involved in many ways. Dirty talking is one of the most beautiful and exciting ways to take your sexuality to a new level

How does a footjob work? The Steeltoyz Guide

The footjob is particularly popular both in many movies and in the lived sexuality of many couples. At the same time, this variant of sex by far does not only concern foot fetishists, but is also loved by many couples without this particular fetish.

Gay stories: Hot number in the gym!

I work six days a week in a sought-after club. I stand behind the bar and mix cocktails for rich, spoiled people. I do my job well. I keep meeting new people who want more than just a cocktail from me. It's hard to believe, but it's the guys who come across as the most arrogant who stay until closing time. They want to enjoy my very private party behind the counter....

Gay stories: Private party behind counter

I work six days a week in a sought-after club. I stand behind the bar and mix cocktails for rich, spoiled people. I do my job well. I keep meeting new people who want more than just a cocktail from me. It's hard to believe, but it's the guys who come across as the most arrogant who stay until closing time. They want to enjoy my very private party behind the counter....

Gay stories: Delivered and Taken

We are gay, but therefore far from squeamish. The fuck machine must sometimes really give top performance with us. It is a small compact fuck machine. It can be set up quickly and is also stowed away very quickly. It is our horny secret. It has ...
It was the first time that I got involved in such a sex adventure. I had met Phlipp through a casual dating website and arranged to meet him tonight at this hotel. After the end of my relationship with Tim, I finally wanted to put my long-held erotic fantasies into practice. For a long time I dreamed of meeting a strange man in the hotel and having hard sex with him. Especially turned me on by the thought that I and Philipp had never exchanged a word with each other before.

Gay stories: I was a bad boy

But that day I didn't feel like having normal sex with my lover, I needed his hardness, his rigor, I wanted him to dominate me. "I need real trouble from you today, I was very bad in the office. I had to fire someone." Mark knew I hated moments like that at work. While I wasn't always the sweet boss that employees could deal with however they wanted, being fired was enough to make me sick to my stomach
Many gay stories consist only of sex, many different men and have a great lack of sentimentality. Our story is a little different. If you still believe in true love, you will love our story! Our names are Ringo and Stefan and yes, we are gay.

Gay stories: The first time with a man

My name is Max and I like men. I never thought that this sentence would flow so easily from my fingers. And I would like to tell you how I discovered that I am even more attracted to my own sex than to the women in my life.

Gay Stories: My adventure with the lawyer

My marriage had failed. I had to face this fact at the latest the moment I sat in the waiting room at the lawyer's office. My wife and I had been living separately for about 8 months now, and I wanted to go to my family law attorney now to find out what was in store for me in the divorce proceedings. Our marriage had existed for a long time only on paper, since I had finally admitted in recent years that I was actually into men. A secretary now led me into the office of my lawyer and thus tore me out of my thoughts.

Our guide: Handjob variations for every occasion

Whether alone or with your partner. To take care of the best piece of the man is enormously satisfying and feels very intense. But the handjob can lose a little of its appeal over time if it is always done in the same way. However, if you bring a little variety into your own performance, you can quickly experience completely new feelings during a handjob.

Blood penis vs.meat penis Where is the difference?

Women should not conclude from the flaccid size of the male member to its erection size. Because there are two different penis forms, which act and react significantly different...

Sex Stories: The stranger on the farm

At just 28 years old, I became a widow. My husband died of a rare disease, leaving me with nothing but a small, neglected farm. Two years of mourning passed until I and my farm blossomed into new life. A life full of passion and eroticism.

Gay stories: The lifeguard

Gay stories are always the same? I may doubt this! Yes, there are many stories with hot bartenders or masseurs. But my story takes place on a beach. Without a bartender, without a masseur, but with a really hot lifeguard!

Gay story: Pablo and me

I was so angry and ashamed of what Pablo did to me and of his immature behavior that I simply told him: I don't want to see you in my life anymore, I don't want to know anything about you. And he left angry and cursing, just like I did.

Sex stories: Vibrations of passion

I have always been a very open-minded woman who likes to meet new people. I have never had any problems approaching others

Nevertheless, there was until recently something where I was actually shy, reserved and downright shy. Fortunately, this also came to an abrupt end. But I'd best start from the beginning.

The Creampie: What is it anyway?

Creampie refers to the clearly visible leakage of semen from the vagina or anus after sex. Both women and men often find this sight erotic and exciting. We'll show you how to show off your creampie to its best advantage.

What is FFM sex?

FFM sex means the joint sexual act between two women and a man. The FFM sex is considered especially desirable by men, although many women also benefit from this constellation. Often, the women have to interact more with each other so that everyone gets their money's worth during FFM sex.

Sex stories: Sex in the wilderness

She's famous, so I won't name her here, but the lady I chauffeured last year had legs I couldn't resist. Long, defined and in black nylons, the pretty woman stretched one of her legs from the back seat through to the front, to the center console of my Audi

Sperm - this is a topic that divides opinions

Again and again you read and hear questions about sperm. Swallowing or spitting out, the change of taste through food and also different sperm games are always a topic

We would like to answer the most important questions about sperm for you and show you what is possible with sperm.

Sex on the sofa is not boring

Sex on the sofa is considered boring by many. This is partly because for many it is nothing more than a bed. What is there great possible, apart from the conventional bedroom positions? The sofa sex is absolutely hot, erotic and spontaneous! If he is boring, it's up to you!

Sex in the bath - always a challenge

Sex in the bathroom is always a real challenge. In fantasy wonderful sex positions happen, wild, uninhibited and totally easy to realize
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The erotic and BDSM blog with lots of advice

Are you looking for inspiration for your love and sex life? Then you are exactly right here. We at Steeltoyz BDSM Advisor offer you many inspirations and ideas how you can expand your sexuality and enhance it with beautiful and exciting sex toys and sex practices. Whether alone or with your partner, you will be surprised and amazed at the forms of sexuality that exist and how many possibilities of satisfaction are offered.

Get inspired by our sex toys

Among other things, we show you not only our assortment, but also the absolute highlights from the various categories. This way you can browse through the different areas at your leisure and get new ideas and inspiration for your bed. And who knows? Maybe you like a sex toy so much that you want to grab it right away. No problem at Steeltoyz.

But we want to offer you more than that. Because many of our customers delight us with testimonials about various Sextoyz from our range. Read in and enjoy the pleasure of others. Maybe you will find the inspiration you were looking for.

Guide to the different topics

You have no idea what a ball stretcher is, you want to try an anal plug but don't know which one or you are interested in a strapon and the right technique? No problem. Our guides for sex toys of the different types and areas of application will quickly provide relief. You will find individual guides for the various topics, which are regularly expanded.

So it is worthwhile to come by more often and browse through our guides. You will quickly notice that your desire for new experiences will increase. Don't let it stop you, but discover your own personal sexuality with all its inclinations.

At Steeltoyz BDSM Blog you will find, besides many products from our own manufacture, exclusively high-quality and tested offers from other manufacturers. The large selection offers you as a supplement to our guides another possibility, which you can use for inspiration.