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Masturbators for men: Better than any manual work

Masturbators for men: Better than any manual work

While it is almost everyday for women to have a vibrator or dildo and get pleasure with it, this topic is still being critically observed in men. There are meanwhile a whole series of masturbators for men, which are characterized by their design as well as by their functionality. Thus, men with a masturbator can discover and experience completely new feelings of pleasure.

What is a masturbator for men?

While the question of masturbators for women is easy to clarify, the concept of masturbators for men often provokes only questioning glances. The artificial vagina - formerly known as a seaman's bride - have now become extremely realistic and offer an unimaginedly strong sexual experience for the man. The masturbators are usually shaped like a human body and can mimic the vagina, anus or mouth of the woman visually appealing. In the normal case, masturbators for men consist of an elongated tube made of elastic plastic or silicone, which tightly encloses the man's penis. Inside the tubes, the surfaces are designed differently in order to allow the stimulation of the limb as much as possible.

The narrowing of the tube, the stimulation by the surface and the vacuum and suction effect inside the tube provide for an intensive stimulation, which can not be compared with the normal self-satisfaction. In addition, some masturbators are offered for men with built-in electric motor, which can greatly increase the pleasure gain by strong vibrations. Some models can be attached to the wall by means of a suction cup, for example, making free-standing masturbation possible. So the experience feels even more after real sex.

What is there for masturbators?

Masturbators for men are available in various designs. Especially handy and strongly stimulating pocket masturbators are highly popular and are preferred by many men. The so-called fleshlight products are particularly well-rated. These provide a particularly intense and authentic feeling experience and provide comprehensive stimulation. Thus, some devices can be intensified by the pressure of the hand in their effect, while other maturation devices work mechanically and thus provide for a comprehensive stimulation without use of the hand.

How to clean my masturbator

The inside cover of the masturbators - also called sleeve - can be easily reversed with most devices. This is particularly important, especially when the masturbators are closed, as otherwise no thorough cleaning can be carried out. It is important that the masturbator can thoroughly dry after cleaning. So you can safely prevent the formation of mold fungi. We recommend you use a Toy Cleaner in any case. This ensures a thorough disinfection of your masturbator after cleaning and can thus significantly increase its service life. The Toy Cleaners have been specially developed for the cleaning of sextoys and are especially skin-friendly and gentle to the material of your masturbator.

Must have: A good lubricant

Since a masturbator - despite its lifelike appearance - unfortunately does not get wet by itself, you should always use it with sufficient lubricant. Only by the use of lubricant you can easily and relaxed into the masturbator penetrate and the stimulation enjoy. Make sure you have a small supply. This way, you can always use your masturbator to give you a little pleasure and relaxation.

The Fleshlight - Professional in Masturbator

In the market of masturbators, the Fleshlight has quickly become a name. The practical Fleshlight is modeled on a flashlight and is stuck in a stable and firm outer shell. Thanks to the particularly intensive design of the sleeves, you will be able to enjoy new highlights of pleasure with a fleshlight. Just apply a little lubricant and go. You will be surprised how intensively this will feel.

Hot Solo or Awesome Duo?

Masturbators are, of course, not only suitable for solo fun, but can also be used to unite sex life in a partnership. You can - in the truest sense of the word - simply drop the scepter out of your hand. Your partner will enjoy to satisfy you with the masturbator and guide you slowly and inevitably to the climax.

Find your favorite masturbator

The Fleshlight has established itself as a masturbator, as many different interior life is available for this masturbator. Which Fleshlight is the most suitable and satisfies you the most, you can only experience by trial and error. The Fleshlights consist of "Real Feel Super Skin" and are therefore extremely sensitive and intense. If you clean your Fleshlight regularly and thoroughly, you will have many years of pleasure with your companion.

Your masturbation - your decision

The different structures inside the masturbator are often designed in such a way that different sexual practices can be simulated with them. Thus, the masturbator can feel different depending on the design. You can enjoy oral, anal and vaginal satisfaction through the masturbator in perfect imitation. In addition, many stars of the erotic industry have stood for many masturbators model. The masturbators are designed to look exactly like the intimate area of ​​the actress. Brands such as Pipedream, Tenga, CEN, Doc Johnson and TOYJOY are among the leading experts in masturbators, alongside the Fleshlight brand.

How to use a masturbator?

Important is the use of sufficient lubricants. This is applied both internally to the masturbator and to its opening. When the limb is inserted into the masturbator, the limb stimulates the limb enormously during each up-and-down movement. This allows you to experience fast and particularly intense highlights. Whether vaginal, oral or anal: with the appropriate masturbator you will come in any case at your expense.