Vibro egg - oval pleasure dispenser in many variants - Find the right solution

Steeltoyz, your expert for sex toys from Germany offers a wide range of vibro eggs in best quality.

Steeltoyz, your expert for sex toys from Germany offers a wide range of vibro eggs in best quality.

The small and powerful sex toys can be used both for external stimulation of the clitoris and the entire intimate area, but are also very popular with many women. There, the vibrations develop a particularly intense character and provide maximum excitement.

Vibro eggs: With remote control, app control or wired

If you want to get yourself a vibro egg, you should first consider what kind of model you would like. Many of the wired vibro eggs are particularly powerful and come with a strong vibration motor. These can often be set by you in different levels and different vibrations. This allows you to control your desire in a targeted manner and work towards climax. Many women, on the other hand, prefer vibro eggs with remote control or smartphone app.

Steady or pulsating: the choice is yours

Vibro eggs are available with vibration motors of different strengths and with different settings. Particularly powerful vibro eggs offer you the advantage that you can regulate them very finely. You can not only change the strength and intensity of the vibration, but also choose between different vibration patterns.

Among other things, this provides variety and can make the stimulation by the vibro egg even more intense. Just sit back and try out the different vibration patterns. You will be surprised how different the effect of the vibrations can be. This applies to both the internal stimulation and the stimulation of the clitoris and surrounding area with the Vibro-Egg.

A strong partner anally as well

In most cases, you can also insert the Vibro Egg anally and use it for stimulation. However, you should clean and disinfect the Vibro Egg especially thoroughly before the next use. In addition, make sure that your vibro-egg has an appropriately secure grip or a particularly long ribbon, so that you can remove the egg again without any problems.

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