Ballstretcher stainless steel, Leather and Silikon

Ballstretcher (testicle ring) in many variations and materials. Ideal for ballstretching, SM games or just for stimulation during sex or masturbation. The stainless steel stretchers are made by us. Ball stretcher Guide

Ballstretcher (testicle ring) in many variations and materials. Ideal for ballstretching, SM games or just for stimulation during sex or masturbation. The stainless steel stretchers are made by us. Ball stretcher Guide

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The optimal weight for your stainless steel ballstretcher

You should always start with a light weight and work your way slowly towards ballstretching. We offer ball stretchers starting at a weight of 150 grams, which are perfect for beginners.

Experienced users can increase the weight up to six kilograms with our ball stretchers.

Which one fits me?

The right fit is of decisive importance. The testicular weight should fit tightly without constricting the scrotum. It is best to determine the diameter after a band or a long and hot shower.

Place a flexible measuring instrument such as a measuring tape or shoelace loosely around your scrotum above your testicles.
Do not pull the tape too tight. There should be room for a pen or your little finger. You should now note the result in millimetres and divide it by 3.14.

This gives you the diameter of your scrotum. Now look for an inner diameter of the ball stretchers that is as close as possible to your result. This way the scrotum ring will fit perfectly on your scrotum.

Stainless steel ball stretchers: These are the advantages

- Built for eternity
- From our own production with comprehensive quality control
- Easy to clean and disinfect
- Ideally suited for allergy sufferers

How to stretch your scrotum properly

- The scrotum should only be stretched slowly and carefully
- Take a lot of time and wear the ballstretcher for a longer period
- Care the skin of your scrotum with a lot of cream and provide the necessary elasticity
- Only increase the weight very carefully to avoid injuries

Easy care

For our stainless steel ball stretchers you do not need any special cleaning agents. Standard household hand soap and warm water are perfectly sufficient for thorough cleaning after wearing.

Medical stainless steel: Optimal for ballstretchers

In our production we use exclusively medical stainless steel, which is also used in other medical products. Important here is the very good skin compatibility and the optimal compatibility for allergy sufferers.

Furthermore, the stainless steel offers a very good and even weight distribution, which additionally increases the wearing comfort. Furthermore, the material is extremely durable and dimensionally stable, so that our customers can enjoy their ballstretcher for a long time.

The stainless steel material also quickly adopts body temperature, so that even long wearing sessions are extremely comfortable.

Real quality convinces: Buy Ballstretcher

At first glance, it is hardly possible to differentiate between them in terms of quality. Especially for laymen testicle rings all look somehow similar, so that a simple differentiation of the qualities is hardly possible. Therefore, contacting the manufacturer of the ball stretchers is the best way for you to learn about the practical and erotic sex toys.

With cheap products from the Far East this already becomes the first hurdle. However, as you are reading these pages, you already know that you should pay attention to quality and you came across Steeltoyz.

Not only do we offer you ball stretchers of extremely high quality, but we also provide comprehensive information about the materials used in our products.

This is especially important to us. We attach great importance to the fact that we manufacture our ball stretchers exclusively in our own factory and do not buy any stretchers from other manufacturers. This is the only way we can guarantee the quality of our materials and workmanship. We only use medical stainless steel for our ball stretchers, which is also tolerated by allergy sufferers without any problems.

Furthermore, we are always at our customers' side and offer a good accessibility in case of questions or problems. Are you looking for a testicular weight in a special format, which can be optimally adapted to your wishes and preferences?

Then simply contact us and we will see what is possible and feasible. Of course the prices at Steeltoyz cannot compete with the cheap prices of Far Eastern manufacturers. But we wouldn't want that either.

Because we only offer high-quality materials, production directly in Germany and a quality that is unparalleled on the sextoy market.