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Black silicone ball stretcher
Black silicone ball stretcher
The Oxballs BullBalls 1 Tar ball stretcher is the first ball stretcher from Oxballs that was made of silicone. Today, this model is still one of the most popular silicone ball stretchers of this brand. More comfortable and better...

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Ballstretcher mit 30 mm Höhe und 1- 3,5 kg
Ballstretcher 30 mm high, 1-3,5 kg Stainless Steel
This ballstretcher made of high quality stainless steel is custom made, which we directly manufacture in our own factory. We pay of course on the highest quality materials. Thus, the testicle ring of stable and...
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Ballstretcher mit 90 mm Höhe und 2 - 6 kg
Ballstretcher Stainless Steel 90 mm 2-6 kg
The ballstretcher for professionals and those who want to be there. With a height of 90 millimeters, this ball stretcher asks a lot of experience from the carrier, which should have a sufficiently stretched scrotum. The...
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Ballstretcher Stainless Steel 70 mm, 2-6 kg heavy
This ballstretcher exists of two half bowls which are connected with screws. We offer different weight classes to you - there something is present for every training step. Pleasant comfortable feeling and the best processing....
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Ballstretcher mit 22 mm Höhe für Beginner Einsteiger
Easy access: Ballstretcher with 22 mm height
Enjoy a new experience of pleasure with our high quality Ballstretcher made of medical stainless steel. With a height of only 22 millimeters, this Ballstretcher is perfect for beginners and offers you the optimal entry into the world of...
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Ballstretcher Edelstahl
Ballstretcher cup 4 kg of polished stainless steel
The ball stretcher cup is the perfect complement to our solid and stable ball ring . The cup made ​​of solid steel and with a weight of 4 kg is thereby fixedly connected to the testicle ring...
Ballstretcher Silikon blau
Neo Long Ballstretcher: Developed for experts
The Neo Long Ballstretcher is a real eye-catcher at first glance. The bright colors, the gently curved shapes and the pressed-on lettering ensure maximum satisfaction. If you take the Neo Long for the first time, the surface made...
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