Erotic sex stories

Are you looking for inspiration or new ideas or do you just want to get in the mood a little? Then you will definitely find the right solution for you in our free sex stories.

Are you looking for inspiration or new ideas or do you just want to get in the mood a little? Then you will definitely find the right solution for you in our free sex stories.

Blowjob History: The birthday Blowjob

Men, I'm sure you've already heard one or two sex stories, maybe even various Blowjob stories. But rest assured that this experience report will expand your previous knowledge about oral sex. My boyfriend's birthday was coming up. Anyone who has had anything to do with men knows that they want nothing more than that incredible Blowjob feeling. Always and at any time.

Anal sex stories: Submissive mare ridden in first anal sex

Warm up for a horny evening
The bed was covered with fresh black sheets, everywhere in the room were candles distributed, which wrapped the room in a pleasant light. The lubricating money lay directly to the massage oil tangible on the bedside cabinet, right next to the crop and the paddle.

Sex stories: Tested in handcuffs

Soon it should be so far. Jasmin's wedding was imminent. Only a few more days she could enjoy her life in "freedom"

Not that her husband was a tyrant who locked her up or anything like that, but being married is still something else than just living in a partnership. Carol, Jasmin's maid of honor had been secretly planning a bachelorette party for weeks. Tonight the planned fun should start.

Sex Stories: The stranger on the farm

At just 28 years old, I became a widow. My husband died of a rare disease, leaving me with nothing but a small, neglected farm. Two years of mourning passed until I and my farm blossomed into new life. A life full of passion and eroticism.

Sex stories: Vibrations of passion

I have always been a very open-minded woman who likes to meet new people. I have never had any problems approaching others

Nevertheless, there was until recently something where I was actually shy, reserved and downright shy. Fortunately, this also came to an abrupt end. But I'd best start from the beginning.

Sex stories: Sex in the wilderness

She's famous, so I won't name her here, but the lady I chauffeured last year had legs I couldn't resist. Long, defined and in black nylons, the pretty woman stretched one of her legs from the back seat through to the front, to the center console of my Audi

Sex stories: Fantasy and reality perfectly combined

Many of the sex stories displayed on our pages originate from the fantasy of the authors, but are very often inspired by real facts and experiences

Since even we don't know which parts of the stories and tales correspond to reality, it is all the more pleasant when the stories set your own mental cinema in excitement and increase your own desire. In addition, of course, the stories do not only serve the pleasure, but can also perfectly satisfy your curiosity.

Experience new areas of sexuality

If you are interested in BDSM, but you don't dare to make your ideas come true yet, our stories can help you here. Because no matter whether with the fetish or Ered storiesthere are always real experiences hidden in the stories.

So, there are more than enough people who already live out these dreams and thus experience their own sexuality in a whole new way. Let our stories inspire you, go on a voyage of discovery yourself or get to know new varieties of sexuality that you may not have been aware of before.

Discover the pleasure of power and submission, bondage games and the exciting role reversal and get your very own inspiration for your own sex life.

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Enjoy together with your partner

Many of our visitors read our horny sex stories together with their partner to get in the mood and to increase their pleasure. Of course, our sex stories can also serve this purpose.

Whether you incorporate the stories into foreplay, use them as a guide for your own experiences or simply want to get excited, the possibilities are endless. You alone determine what effect the stories may take and what part of our sex stories and porn stories you take over for yourself.

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Write your own stories for us

Of course, you can also give free rein to your creative streak and write your own erotic stories for us. If you write well and excitingly, it is quite possible that your stories will soon be found on our pages and inspire other people.

No matter if you want to report about fetish experiences or about a BDSM session, we also like to read exciting and entertaining sex stories. Or do you want to share experiences from the gay community with us?

No problem, because we have a place for sex stories and porn stories from different categories. We are looking forward to your participation.