Stylish and comfortable: Ball stretcher made of leather

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Verstellbarer Leder Ballstretcher mit 150 g Gewicht
Leather Ballstretcher 150 g adjustable
An effective stretching the scrotum can be experienced with our ball stretcher made of leather, which is variably adjustable not only in size but also can come up with a net weight of 150g . The soft yet durable leather clings closely to...
€39.90 *
Anschmiegsamer Leder Ballstretcher für Einsteiger
Leather Ballstretcher 250 g
Rich leather and a weight of 250g give this ball stretcher made of leather that extra mile. The soft and pliable leather is processed and impresses with its enormous dimensional stability to the highest standards . The ball stretcher...
€59.90 *
Leder Ballstretcher
Leather Ballstretcher 450 g
If an effective strain of the scrotum is required , this could be the right choice here our ball stretcher made of leather with 450g weight. This ball stretcher made of leather is not recommended for beginners , but is aimed at...
€65.90 *
Ballstretcher aus Leder mit 650 g Gewicht
Leather Ballstretcher 650g
This ball stretcher made of durable leather is targeted with a weight of 650g more experienced users who have already contacted the feeling of the scrotum stretching apart. The sturdy and well-made leather is both easy to clean and...
€72.90 *
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