The vibrating egg: The small vibrator for the great pleasure

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Vibro egg "Purple Pill" Velvet
On and off, as well as 4 different speed levels are available to experience with the Purple Pill Velvet vibrating egg many stimuli. The ABS coating and the PU coating provide a velvety penetration of 5.5 cm, so that the 3.5 cm diameter...
€19.95 *
Vibro-Ei "Velvet"
Black Bullet - vibrating egg "Velvet"
The black Black Velvet vibrating egg is equipped with a four-step remote control, so you can enjoy a variety of erotic pleasures. The black vibrating egg is responsible for ecstasy in the anal and vaginal area. This will underline two...
€21.95 *
Vibro- Ei "Shuttle"
Vibro Egg "Shuttle" - the vibrating love egg
You can trust the Love Shuttle Vibro Egg, because it's the "shuffle" of the vibrating eggs, and you'll have as many as 10 rhythms to reach orgasm. You do not have to do without a remote control to increase the irritation up to 6 meters....
€69.90 *
Golden Star Vibro-Ei
Inexpensive Golden Star vibrating egg
Both Vaginal and Anal you may use the Vibro Egg from Golden Star. The whole 6cm you can introduce deep and also the 2.5cm in diameter sting out pleasant and provide for vibrant pleasure. You are welcome to fall back on the stimulus...
€12.95 *
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Vibro eggs: Oval pleasure with many advantages

Vibro eggs are small and powerful sextoys, which are characterized by their compact size. Many vibro eggs are cable-bonded and provide sufficient power to provide long-lasting and strong stimulation. Other models, however, are controlled by remote control or even via a smartphone app. The small and powerful sextoys can be used both for the external stimulation of the clitoris and the entire intimate area, but are also very popular with many women. There, the vibrations develop a particularly intense character and ensure maximum excitation.

Vibro Eggs: With Remote Control, App Control or wired

If you want to get a vibro egg, you should first consider what kind of model you would like. Many of the cable-bound vibro eggs are particularly powerful and have a powerful vibration motor. These can often be adjusted by you in different steps and different vibrations. In this way you can control your desire and work towards the culmination. Many women, on the other hand, prefer vibro eggs with a remote control or with a smartphone app. These carry the vibro eggs and leave their partners the remote control and thus the control of the vibro egg. This can be particularly exciting in the public. For a joint meal or even in the theater or cinema, your partner can put your body in motion with a single button. Many of the vibro eggs are very quiet, so their use in the public hardly noticeable. Only in very quiet environments such as in a library you should do without the use of the vibro-ice.

Uniform or pulsating: You have the choice

Vibro eggs are available with differently variable and differently adjustable vibration motors. Especially powerful vibro eggs offer you the advantage that you can control these very fine. You can not only change the strength and intensity of the vibration, but also choose between different vibration patterns. This provides, among other things, for variety and can also make the stimulation by the vibro egg even more intense. Just lean back and try out the different vibration patterns. You will be surprised how different the effect of vibrations can be. This applies both to the internal stimulation and to the stimulation of the clitoris and the environment with the vibro egg.

Also anal a strong partner

You can also introduce the vibro egg anal in most cases and use it for stimulation. However, you should thoroughly clean and disinfect the vibro egg before the next use. Also, make sure that your vibro egg has an appropriate grip or a very long ribbon, so you can remove the egg without problems. We advise you - if you like this stimulation - to get you a suitable anal toy or to experiment with a vibrating buttplug. The Vibro eggs are basically designed for the vaginal use due to their shape and their diameter. Here they unfold their full effect and convince by their beautiful design and their pleasantly smooth surface and structure.

Easy to use, easy to clean

Since vibro eggs are suitable for both external stimulation and insertion, you should always clean the sextoys after use. Most vibro eggs are waterproof and can be cleaned under warm water with mild soap. If this is not possible, you can also use a damp cloth to clean the vibro egg after use. Then you should use a Toy Cleaner to safely disinfect the Vibro egg. Thus neither germs nor bacteria or fungi can settle on the surface of the ice. So you can re-use your vibro egg at any time.

The vibro egg will thrill you

- its strong and often variable vibration functions
Its small size and easy transportability
- its often whisper-quiet engines

In addition, you will like vibro eggs, though

- You are on internal and external stimulations
- You can be surprised by your partner
- You also want to stimulate sexually in the public

Vibro eggs are available in various shapes, colors and also sizes. So you can easily find the right vibro-egg for you and your pleasure. In addition, many vibro eggs are extremely cheap, so you can easily experiment with different sizes and shapes. At Steeltoyz you will find exclusively vibro eggs in excellent quality, which will be of service for a long time. Just grab it and order a vibro egg that suits you right now and get to know a whole new level of pleasure.