Love Balls - the tingling Training for the Pelvic Floor

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Basic Love Balls
Basic Love Balls
Silver-coloured love ball duo. Complete length 23 cm, ball Ø 3.5 cm. Material: ABS (balls), polyamide (straps).
€12.95 *
A lovely love ball quartet
With the love ball quartet Fifty Shades of Gray you can always feel new pleasure. The quartet can be freely combined. The balls have different weights. Two balls can be in the silicone rings with the return strap at the same time. How...
€35.95 *
Liebeskugeln mit 24 karätiger Goldauflage
Luxury love balls with 24karat gold plating
With the love balls with 24 carat gold plating you can feel the right luxury. Lie down, get ready and let yourself be pampered! These love balls are a perfect gift! The bullets are tempted to let them introduce themselves. Give it to...
€19.95 *
Simple pleasure balls with vibroball inside
These lust balls with vibroball inner life are kept relatively simple. Here it depends on the essentials. You will be convinced by functionality. The love balls application is made very easy here. You just need to introduce the love...
€11.95 *
King-Size Liebeskugeln
King-size love balls in a great design
These king size love balls are not only convincing due to the enormous dimensions. They also have a great design. The love balls XXL have a marble pattern. At first glance, they shine like love balls made of metal. They are made of PVC....
€19.95 *
Zwei rote Liebeskugeln
Fiery red love balls
Introducing love balls also makes you happy when they are made attractively. These love balls are fiery red. They have an attractive design. These are two pretty heavy love balls. You connected with a red string, which ends as a return...
€14.95 *
Liebeskugeln mit schwingendem Vibroball
Love balls with swinging vibro ball
The love balls with swinging Vibroball bring you more pleasure in sex. This erotic toy is good for your vaginamus muscles. The muscles are stimulated and strengthened. It is a workout that will definitely give you pleasure. You feel more...
€19.95 *
Joyball's secret love ball duo
With Joyballs secret love ball duo you can carry a nice secret in you. This is literally meant. These love balls disappear completely inside you. You can introduce the love balls and do not even have to look out for an annoying return...
€27.95 *
Liebeskugeln mit freilaufenden Kugeln
Love Balls Fifty Shades of Gray with Free Spheres
There is an official Fifty Shades of Gray Pleasure Collection with sextoys. These love balls are included. They are special love balls. You are offered fine, smooth silicone. This encases two free-running love balls. The balls have in...
€25.95 *
Liebeskugeln Inner Goddess
Love Balls Inner Goddess
The love balls Inner Goddess are absolutely smooth and smooth. They are love balls made of metal. With this product you own an erotic toy from the Fifty Shades of Gray series. They are love balls for pelvic floor weakness. You can use it...
€30.95 *
Violettfarbene Liebeskugeln
Velvet Balls Purple
These purple love balls provide stimulating moments for you. There are three love balls. They are connected with thin silicone rings. At the end of the small ball chain is a return loop. It is also made of silicone. For the complete love...
€17.95 *
Schwarze Liebeskugeln
Love balls with vibroball
With these love balls you can feel a special feeling of pleasure. They are love balls with vibroball. Here you have not only joy directly at the introduction, but also afterwards. Without your intervention you feel pleasant vibrations....
€19.95 *
vibrierende Liebeskugel
Vibrating Black Balls
These love balls have real sense of rhythm. This feeling will also be transferred to you very quickly. They are love balls with several vibration rhythms. There are five different vibration levels. The steps or rhythms you set with the...
€23.95 *
Samtweiche Liebeskugeln
Petting love balls
These love balls are stroking soft. They have a delicate surface. This is especially slippery. You can easily introduce the love balls. It is a duo. The two balls are connected by a bridge. You are offered sublime waves of stimulation....
€19.95 *
Liebeskugeln XXL
Love balls XXL in attractive purple
Color matters a lot, as the Love Balls XXL prove. They are in appealing purple. The purple looks erotic and playful at the same time. In addition, this color design emphasizes the supple surface of the love balls. Smooth smooth from the...
€24.95 *
Mega silent loveball duo at a strand, with inner vibrating vibro bullets. With retraction loop. Ø 3-5 cm. Weight 83 g. Material: Silikomed.
€22.95 *
 Liebeskugeln mit 5 cm Durchmesser
Purple Love Balls XXL
These purple love balls XXL offer a provocative scope. You expect propre 5 cm diameter. With this size you are also offered an attractive weight. The weight of the toy is 167 g! Hereby you can train very well. Strengthen your pelvic...
€19.95 *
Schwere Liebeskugel
Love ball with proper weight
With this love ball you have a weighty sex toy. The ball weighs 80 g. It is a single love ball with return strap. But more is not needed. The 80 g feel intoxicating in you. However, heavy love balls like these also have a training...
€7.95 *
Liebeskugeln für das Kribbeln
Love balls with tingling effect
Feel the tingling of love balls. Just introduce the love balls and enjoy the great tingling in the abdomen. It does not take more, so you will find this sex toy appealing. So that you find it particularly appealing, the manufacturer has...
€9.95 *
Liebeskugeln mit App steuerbar
Gballs2 app - controllable with your smartphone
With the Gballs2 app you will be offered a very sophisticated sex toy. They are vibrating love balls. They react to you and act with you. They are love balls against pelvic floor weakness. You can work out with this product and have the...
€99.00 *
Graue Liebeskugeln
Gray love balls bring movement into play
These love balls are from the Fifty Shades of Gray series. They are completely gray. There are two love balls. They are connected by a short bridge and end in a return strap. The product is made of silicone. So you can keep the sex toy...
€19.95 *
Devils Balls Liebeskugel
Devilish enjoyment with the Devils Ball's love...
You can enjoy devilishly well with the Devils Ball love ball duo. This ball duo is almost funny designed. The return cord is slightly curved and ends in an arrowhead. In short, it's the devil's tail! The love balls are black. The...
€16.95 *
Teuflisch gute Liebeskugeln
Diabolically good love balls
These love balls are devilishly good. Alone the design is the best proof of that. Here you get two love balls in a silicone case. The love balls shine beautifully. This you recognize well on the heart-shaped cutouts of the silicone case....
€16.95 *

Love balls

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love balls were actually designed to train the pelvic floor, so modern love balls out of our range can also increase the excitement sustainable and even lead to the climax. We offer a wide range of different-balls for our customers because of this. From small and lightweight balls on individual balls to all our clients ball chains can be found here. We pay particular attention to the quality of the products and ensure that no harmful plasticizers are included in the love balls.