Special Vibrators: If there must be something more

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Vibrator zur Harnröhren-Stimulation
Vibrator for urethral stimulation
Not only does the woman benefit from a vibrator, this "urethral stimulation vibrator" has been specifically designed to stimulate a man's sensitive pleasure zone! This anthracite-colored special vibrator is used for urethral stimulation...
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Schwarzer Dilator mit Vibration
Black dilator with vibration in seven levels
This black dilator is a special vibrator especially for connoisseurs. The dilator vibrator is gently introduced into the urethra of the man. He triggers there with pleasant and constant vibrations special feelings of pleasure. The black...
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Pink-coloured vibrator that can absorb a liquid and squirt it out when squeezed. Total length 24.5 cm, penetration depth approx. 14 cm, Ø 3.4 to 4.2 cm (shaft), 6.8 cm (testicles). Material: PVC, ABS, phthalate-free according to EU...
€24.95 *
Finger Ring for stimulating games
With the Secret Touching Finger Ring you can enjoy a special stimulation. It is a tiny vibrator. The vibrator is equipped with a finger ring. The ring has a diameter of 1.5 cm. He can be easily plugged. The resting surface of the small...
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In our range, our customers can find a large number of special vibrators, which deserves a little more attention due to their special form or their particular function. Whether it's practical We-Vibe vibrator, which can even be worn during intercourse while both the clitoris and the interior of the woman stimulated. Or the practical and above all extremely pleasant Xcel Blue, which allows both vaginally, as to be sodomized by a vibrator. With our large selection of high quality special vibrators can our customers quickly and easily find exactly the vibrator that fits you and your needs and wishes.

When a conventional vibrator just is not enough

Often, our customers want a satisfaction that goes beyond the conventional vibrators. Whether it is due to a specific shape or size, or simply because more functions are desired. Our Special Vibrators no wishes remain unfulfilled practically. Whether particularly large and inflatable or elegantly incorporated into a comfy Love Chair. The perfect special vibrator can be found under warranty in our shop. So enjoy our customers the pleasantly filled feeling particularly large vibrators or the irresistible pleasure in a double penetration that vibrates in the same cycle.