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The massage stick: Vibrant eroticism for you

A massage bench differs significantly from a commercially available vibrator. Because of its design and its drive, a massage bench can produce significantly stronger vibrations and thus stimulate the entire abdomen strongly and sustainably. A massage wand such as the Wonder Wand can also be provided with various attachments, for example, to introduce the vibrations. Without these essays, however, the massagest is intended only for external stimulation.

Massagestab also on the road

A real massager works either by battery or mains. This is because, as a rule, a considerably more current is required than a conventional vibrator. This is mainly due to the fact that a real massaging table like the Wonder Wand does not only provide a point of massage, but also leaves the entire abdomen in flames. For this reason, we offer a wide range of different massages in our assortment, which can be operated with battery or mains. In this way, our customers are free to choose the most appropriate massages. Both variations have their own charm. However, as a rule the performance of the massage bench with mains connection is significantly higher. As soon as you get used to the connection cable, the use of the massagestab is an advantage: both alone and with the partner.

What you should look at the massagestab in any case

Due to the strong vibrations and the powerful motors, the massage sticks can easily overheat. Therefore, they should not be permanently switched on for an extended period of time. This is, of course, not necessary, as a massager can achieve a very strong excitation and thus a fast climax. However, you should not forget to switch off the connected massage. Although there is no danger from this massage, this can be defective if the motor is overheated. The more gentle you deal with your massagestab, the longer you will have pleasure in your sextoy.

Proper care of the massagestab

Even if the massagestab is only applied externally, you should thoroughly clean it after use. Be particularly careful, since a massage bench is generally not watertight due to its design. After cleaning the rod with a damp cloth and some soap, you should disinfect it again with Toy Cleaner. Toy Cleaners are particularly mild and well tolerated disinfectants which do not damage the sensitive surface of the massage table. So you can relax your massage in the future and enjoy with time.

With the massage to new heights

While a vibrator can gently work on the orgasm, a massager provides a completely different form of stimulation. By using batteries or mains power, the massager can vibrate with much more power and usually has a larger contact surface. Once gently placed in the woman's crotch, the vibrating waves spread throughout the abdomen and ensure maximum excitement in the shortest possible time. However, since these vibrations can hardly be localized, the orgasm can also be delayed with such a massage. The result amazes our customers again and again. Unimagined feelings of pleasure can be aroused by such a massage. If the massage is slowly and controlled over the entire abdomen, an enormous sexual tension quickly builds up, which is looking for redemption. The strong vibrations make it almost impossible to defend itself against the climax, which breaks through in amazing strength. Men can also use the massage for stimulation. If the massage stick is held against the limb, this may already suffice to reach a climax.

You should try a massage test, if:

  • You want to achieve intense vibrations
  • You will not be satisfied with the vibratory functions of your vibrator
  • You want to reach unimagined highlights

Massages also offer the advantage that they are

  • are very easy to clean
  • can be supplemented and expanded by various essays
  • stimulate a large range

If the thought of a massage test stimulates you and you want to spice up with this or your sexual life, you will find at Steeltoyz a whole series of massages of the most diverse designs. Just grasp and treat the tingling pleasure with a modern massage.