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Dark Crystal Analplug Neelis Black 15x6cm
Dark Crystal Anal Plug Neelis Black made of...
The Dark Crystal Anal Plug Neelis Black is a sex toy made of vinyl. He is black and made in one piece. You will not get any parts with this toy. The anal plug only needs to be washed off for a short time and it is ready to use. The even,...
€29.01 *
Analplug Errico Black - das verrückte Toy 17x9,5cm
Butt plug Errico Black - the crazy toy 17x9,5cm
The Dark Crystal anal plug Errico Black is a special sex toy. It is a bit crazy, different and attractive in its own way. The anal plug looks like a small screw. However, this seems to have melted or bent slightly. The small plug is...
€36.88 *
Schwarzer Analplug
Black anal plug in size medium 9,7x5,4cm
The anal plug in size medium will help you well with your stretching. You can use different anal plugs. The more you want to be stretched, the bigger the anal plug should be. This product is in the middle class, in terms of size. You can...
€9.83 *
Crackstuffers anal plug for optimal anal pleasure 13 x 5.5 cm
Crackstuffers anal plug for optimal anal...
With Crackstuffers anal plug you can experience great anal pleasures. It's a roundish plug. He is very powerfully built. The diameter is 5.5 cm. In length, the product has 13 cm. Small, handy! There is no narrow beginning. You will need...
€29.40 *
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Analplugs from vinyl

The Analplugs from Steeltoyz are suitable for beginners as well as for experienced professionals in the field of anal gadgets and make you want more.


Scarcely a region of the body is so strongly interspersed with nerve endings as the anus

For this reason, anal gags are enjoyed with the anal plug of both men and women with much relaxation.


Suitable anal plug for all experiences

All offered analplugs are easy and uncomplicated to clean and disinfect, so that they can also be used permanently for joint or lonely games. In addition, Steeltoyz guarantees outstanding quality. Dangerous plasticizers, which are often used in cheap sextoys, are not available in Steeltoyz's offer. On the contrary. In the shop you will find a rich selection of toys from high-quality stainless steel, which are made for anal gimmicks. The buttplugs, for example, can be offered in various sizes, shapes and weight classes. This means that all experience levels can be harmoniously combined.


Discover new boundaries with the anal plug

If you are more on stretching games, then you should take the anal plug to the anal stretching more closely. They charm with their attractive shapes and the often enormous diameters and ensure the perfect pleasure. Just grab it and click through the rich assortment of exciting analtoys. For you or you will surely find the right toy.


This is what distinguishes the analplugs:

Excellent workmanship and smooth surfaces
Do not contain dangerous plasticizers
Large selection for beginners and professionals alike
Wide range of sizes and shapes
Enjoy the huge selection of analplugs for every taste

Be open to new things and you will have lots of fun with these analplugs.

Did the great selection make you curious? Would you like to try out these analplugs by yourself or together with your partner or partner? No problem.

Simply and discreetly order at Steeltoyz and in the shortest time your anal plug will be delivered to you.

Important NOTE. For anal games, lubricants are always a good choice. You can also find these at Steeltoyz in the best quality. Have fun with the anal plug.