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Anal beads for the special experience for her and him

Application of Anal balls

The Anal balls are sextoys, which are introduced into the anus and stimulate them perceptibly due to their particular shape. For this reason, Anal balls are used both by women and men alike. The analgesics can be used both to stimulate and to stimulate during sexual intercourse and to increase the pleasure sustainably. It is important in any case that the ancillary is only used with the aid of lubricant. The sensitive skin of the anus should be prepared with lubricant and plenty of time to stimulate with an anal chain. The size of the individual chain bodies also plays an important role here. Beginners should first practice with small anchanges and slowly approach the larger variants.

Stretch the anus

Before the first use of an anette, the anus should be stretched extensively and with a lot of time. It has proved to be extremely helpful to make the anus slippery by means of a lubricant and to gently massage it and to stretch it cautiously with your fingers. Circulating movements on the sphincter muscle can be relaxed and prepared for the admission of the anal chain. The use of a finger is an advantage since it can be used much more sensitively and makes the cramps of the sphincter feel directly. This is not possible with a sextoy. This slow procedure and the extensive use of lubricants ensure a painless and fun use of the Anal balls. In principle, if pain occurs, the project should be interrupted first. Pain is always a warning sign of the body and should not be ignored.

So you use the Anal balls

First, you should apply your anus and, of course, also the analgesics thoroughly and richly with lubricant. Stretch your anus with your finger a little and get used to the feeling. Now look for a comfortable position in which you can easily reach your anus. Now carefully insert the first one or two balls of the anal chain into your anus. Give your sphincter sufficient time to get used to the feeling and to relax. Now you can gradually move the other balls. Leave enough time. If all the balls of the analete have disappeared in the anus, you should feel pleasantly stretched and filled. It is particularly charming when you slowly pull out the anal chain when the orgasm is inserted and the ball for the ball again. You will be surprised at how much of your climax you can intensify.
For beginners, elastic Anal balls, such as, for example, the ball analstring, are particularly suitable. The pleasantly small diameter of the balls facilitates the insertion and the flexibility of the anal chain allows you to control the simulation in your interior more precisely. So you can get used to this type of stimulation more and more stretching.

Anal sex is a matter of trust

Anal sex is not desired and enjoyed by every human being equally. If the partner has reservations, these should always be respected. Only when the passive partner can fully relax and admit to this form of stimulation, the anal stimulation can also be completely enjoyed. Many analges are used as a preparation for a later anal intercourse and help with the desired relaxation and pre-stretching of the partner.

What does an anal chain actually do?

An anal chain is highly stimulant both when inserted and slipped out. This is due to the fact that the sphincter is surrounded by an enormous number of nerve endings, ie reacts very strongly to stimulation. An anal chain offers a constant alternation of stretching and relaxation, since there are thin areas of the anal chain structure between the individual spheres. The longer the adapter is, the more intense this feeling can be enjoyed.

Things to consider before and during anal intercourse:

  • Take the time to use anal sex toys and other anal sex toys
  • Use anal toys only with sufficient lubricating cream
  • If it feels uncomfortable or the stretch is too strong, take a break
  • Never let yourself be tempted or persuaded to use anal gadgets

Why should I try an Anal balls?

Ancettes are ideal to slowly and cautiously get used to the feeling of anal intercourse and to enjoy the stimulation of your rear entrance. Most ancettes have spheres of varying and increasing size. So you can get used slowly to the increasing stretching and slowly and continuously stimulate your body more strongly. In addition, many analkettes are less threatening due to the initially very small balls and are ideal for beginners. The smooth transitions between the individual balls make the insertion particularly simple and ensure a pleasant stretching and a great feeling of the "filled-in". Both can make a conventional orgasm significantly more intense.
Most Anal balls have a handle or loop at the end that prevents the chain from completely disappearing into you. If, however, you prefer a chain without such a handle by design, you should leave at least two balls outside the body. So you can remove the analkette simply and without much effort.

Difference between anal chain and anal plug

While the anal chain consists of many small balls, an anal plug is a conical cone, which has a strong dilution at the end. Due to its conical shape, the plug can be inserted very easily and ensures a continuous stretching of the sphincter muscle. If the thickest part of the plugs is overcome, the plunger automatically slides into the correct position. The sphincter extends around the thin area of ​​the plug and thus holds it. A plug often provides for a stronger stretch and can be used individually or alternately with the Anal balls to prepare the anus for anal intercourse.