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Inflatable dildos and plugs: stretch on pump

Inflatable dildos can greatly improve the love life and provide new aspects and stimuli. The inflatable dildos are especially popular because of their variability. Because the size of the dildos and thus the charm of the filled-in can be regulated steplessly. Both beginners and advanced skiers will be able to enjoy the attraction of the stretching and the intense feeling. And with only a single high-quality sextoy.

Pump once and enjoy the pleasure

The inflatable dildos and plugs are made of high quality latex or rubber and are therefore made robust. The dildos and plugs are available in various sizes and designs and can thus embellish and embellish the love life. With the Anal-Expert unplugged for example, women and men can be pampered with anal sex. The black plug is made of high-quality natural rubber and can also be pumped up extremely due to the built-in pressure regulator. Once on the spot the feeling of being filled can be really enjoyed. A tip: If the woman wears the anal expert unplugged during sex, you will feel tight as never before and thus increase the stimulus for the partner and for itself significantly.

Roll replacement with the inflatable dildo

Many men and women enjoy the roll exchange during sex and want to be able to live it out. The inflatable switch made of high-quality latex can be easily applied thanks to elastic straps. Now the woman takes control and can take your husband - or her partner - rightly. The 17 cm long, inflatable dildo is equipped with a bellows with drain valve and can be pumped up to an impressive diameter of 9.5 centimeters. Whether man or woman takes over the pumping - this is for you and your pleasure. The Latex Balloon Inflatable Glans is ready for extreme stretches. The firm and realistic dildo with inflatable glans provides extreme stretches for particularly practiced. The Giant Latex Balloon can also be convincing, which can also be inflated reliably on extremely large sizes. Your game drive is nothing more in the way.


Before you use a latex, rubber or rubber sextoy for the first time, you should check whether you or your partner is allergic to the substance.

This will especially impress you with the inflatable dildos & plugs:


  • Pump the right size easily
  • Suitable for beginners and advanced alike
  • Slow and sensitive stretching is possible without
  • Good for women and men alike

In addition, the inflatable toys will irritate you:

  • Safe pumping and pumping thanks to high-quality production
  • Exclusively high-quality and elastic materials
  • Large stretches easily possible
  • For every taste and experience products in the right size

Just grab it and decide for an inflatable dildo or plug in the most beautiful form. From small to large, you'll find plugs and dildos that can be inflated to extreme sizes. Simply access and experience the new form of pleasure on your own.

The rubber plug can be inserted in a slack condition and can then be inflated comfortably at the push of a button.
Thus, the anus or the vagina is gently stretched and plug of flexible rubber can be customized in its size.

What are inflatable dildos?

Inflatable dildos are as well as inflatable buttplugs are very popular sex toys. You or your partner decides how big the dildo should be today. So all the backdoor doors are open for experimentation. Inflatable dildos are partly realistic. The inflatable dildo or buttplug is becoming more and more popular, because here you can decide how thick and how plump the dildo should be. There are almost no limits to your imagination.

What is the hand pump for the inflatable dildos?

By pressing the hand pump, the dildo or buttplug can be inflated up to twice the size. The dildo then fills you pleasantly.

Can the inflatable dildo be used to prepare for anal sex?

If you want to have a bit of change through the backdoor, try the inflatable anal plug. This can be transformed into love with the partner just as alone to a particularly pleasurable matter.

At Steeltoyz there is a wide selection of different inflatable dildos and anal plugs to buy online. Our inflatable dildos are great fun for you and your partner! With the dildos you can always find your limits again and again. In the course of time the dildo can be inflated more and more. Who would not want the intense feeling to be completely filled.

Order your inflatable plug now and you can soon experience this new feeling!