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Butt plug Stainless Steel Cristal

Our products in stainless steel butt plug and Rosebud Plug attractive because of their good fit and high quality workmanship. We manufacture these products in our own factory of medical stainless steel side so that no allergic reactions can be triggered by the use of these products. Our ergonomically designed stainless steel butt plug and Rosebud Plug convince it by their good fit and great selection. From 25 mm to 100 mm.


Our buttplug stainless steel and rosebud plug convince mainly by their good fit and the high quality workmanship.


We manufacture these buttplugs made of stainless steel in our own medical stainless steel manufacture so that the use of these products can not cause any allergic reactions. Our ergonomically shaped stainless steel plugs are convincing due to their good fit and wide selection. From 25 mm to 100 mm. On request, we also produce buttplugs made of stainless steel for our customers, so that the customers can have a plug manufactured exactly to your requirements

As a special optical highlight, we offer our anal plug stainless steel and our rosebud plug, up to 40 mm diameter, also with integrated crystal, which make a real view of this buttplug. The light flashing of the crystal in the buttplug during use not only attracts attention, but also shows the presence of the stainless steel plug or the rosebud plug. You can hardly seduce your playing partner.

Sensual pleasure and erotic stimulation for the anal area! With an extravagant plug made of high-quality stainless steel you bring your partner, your partner or yourself on tours. If the buttplug still looks good, the better. The inlaid crystal shows that you have a glossy sextoy at your disposal.

You want to first cautiously approach a buttplug?

Then analplugs with a moderate circumference are ideally suited. Buttplugs Stainless steel with crystal is already available from a diameter of 25 millimeters. Also an ideal size for women! The optics you can choose for yourself, the crystals offer a great color selection.

Anyone looking for a real challenge can gradually increase the diameter of the butt plug. We offer the perfect toy for every requirement - now discover the gentle stretch with 30 mm ø, the intensive stimulation with 60 mm ø or the professional model with 100 mm ø!

Buttplugs and Analplugs at a glance:

  • Analplugs for beginners from a diameter of 25 millimeters
  • Buttplugs for advanced players in various sizes
  • Analplugs for professionals with a diameter up to 100 millimeters


Our stainless steel buttplugs impress with an aesthetic look and a high-quality workmanship. An exclusive plug makes something in every respect! When you use it, it provides a gentle to strong stretch, depending on the size. With its exceptionally beautiful design, the plug can also be seen solo - no reason to hide it in the nightstand drawer!

The metal plug in your Toys collection

Do you like anal games? Then the buttplug must not be missing! With a buttplug made of stainless steel, fun is guaranteed in the bed and elsewhere. With the sensual toy you can pamper yourself, in the love for two, he is also always on the spot. We introduce you to our plugs, which will give your love life a new kick. The most important details at a glance: We manufacture ourselves, you get a solid buttplug "Made in Germany". The high quality material is ideal for sex toys of the extra class. The smooth polished steel feels pleasant, is suitable for allergy sufferers and easy to clean.

Women and men we offer an extensive selection of models in different sizes. Whether you want to buy a plug-in as a beginner or you are interested in a great anal plug, you will find what you are looking for! Each plug is anatomically meaningful. It widens from the narrow point to a more or less thick circumference. The handy handle also serves as a safe end piece. If it can be a special highlight: With us you get analplugs from stainless steel also with a decorative crystal at the end!

Buttplugs for her and him - The perfect size selection

Ideal for those who want to test the buttplug for the first time, the specimens with a rather small diameter are ideal. We start with 25 millimeters. Throughout the range, you will find plugs with slim 30, 35 and 40 millimeters, medium sized models with a diameter of 50 mm up to real challenges of 80, 90 or 100 millimeters. Therefore, advanced and professional users will also get their money's worth. The anal plug made of high-quality stainless steel convinces with a perfect fit and is extremely comfortable. Always use a lubricant that you can buy in our shop. After use, remove the plug and clean it under running water with soap. The material stainless steel is very hygienic. For disinfection, you can also use a special Toy Cleaner.

Put our products to the test, do the test with a buttplug of stainless steel! Order now your favorite model with lubricant - we guarantee best quality!