Anal plugs in dog and pig's tail imitations

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Shove Up Tail Plug in Rot XL
Shove Up Tail Plug in red XL
The Shove Up Tail Plug is kept in fiery red. It is a Petplay Plug in XL. The total length is 18.5 cm. Here is the Ringelschwänzchen already included. The return cord of the plug is held in the form of a curly tail. You only need a little...
€14.95 *
Glasplug mit Schwanz für Einsteiger
Glass plug with tail for beginners
The glass plug with tail is an optimal entry-level model. The plug is made of gold colored, transparent glass. Thus, the surface is smooth and slippery. The anal plug is easy to insert. You can do it wonderful pet play, because the plug...
€21.95 *
Verspielter Colorful Joy Bunny Tail Plug
Playful Colorful Joy Bunny Tail Plug
The Colorful Joy Bunny Tail Plug is a playful anal plug. He is completely pink. The plug itself, so the plug is light pink. At the end you will find a fluffy cock. He is pink and fluffy. It is a bunny tail. Fluffy, fluffy and cute, you...
€14.95 *

Analplugs with dog and pig tail imitations

Do you like wild and sometimes unusual games? Then you are exactly right here. The dog tail and piggy tail analplugs offered not only give you a pleasant feeling of stretching, but also give your appearance with the highly visible tail a very special note. Made of high-quality silicone or natural latex, these analplugs provide a smooth and very slippery surface and almost slip into you.


The plugs are available in different sizes so that beginners in this area can also benefit from such an anal plug.

Once introduced, the soft plugs fit comfortably to your body and are hardly noticeable in the quiet state. Were not the tails. No matter whether it's pork tail or dog tail: every movement of the long and easily visible tails is immediately transferred to the plug in your interior. Wedel with the tail to greet your mistress and enjoy the tingling pleasure that these movements trigger in you. Each anal plug in this category is not only completely phthalate-free, but can also be used with a wide variety of lubricants. The cleaning and disinfecting of the plugs is quick and easy.

Pick up a matching anal plug with dog tail or pig tail for unusual and creative games. The comfortable and well-expanding plugs in various sizes are waiting for you. Do not hesitate and secure an anal plug according to your taste.