High-quality anal plugs for all areas of experience

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Analplug Training Set
Anal plug set for beginners
If you're just starting to explore your anal region, this set is perfect for you. The anal plug set consists of three different anal plugs. They each have the same basic shape. Nevertheless, there are clear differences to see and feel....
€34.95 *
Fetter Analplug
Fat anal plug - Ø 7.5 cm
Here you get a really fat anal plug. He is especially tall and wide. The post plug is made of silicone. He is completely black from top to bottom. To introduce this anal plug, you will need a good lubricant. The diameter is enormous 7.5...
€39.95 *
Analplug mit Pferdeschweif
Fine anal plug with horse tail
The anal plug with horse tail is pleasantly fine. The plug is beautifully shaped and attractively designed. The velvety surface makes you want to introduce the anal plug. The plug offers you an insertion depth of 11 cm. In the diameter...
€24.95 *
Inflatable Latex Plug
Inflatable Latex Plug
Inflatable anal plug made of black latex. Length approx. 20 cm, Ø 2.5-9.6 cm. Tube length approx. 39 cm. With hand pump and release valve. Material: latex.
€31.95 *
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High quality anal plug for all areas of experience

The analplugs we offer for YOU and HIM not only offer a wide range of different colors, shapes and sizes but also convince you with their high quality. Whether the fist for the first fisting experiences or rather the anal balls:


Our analplugs are a real experience for beginners and advanced

Our Analtoys are made of silicone, latex and vinyl and are offered exclusively phthalate free. This means that the Analtoys are not very safe, but they also offer a comfortable wearing feel and feel fantastic on the skin. Whether you're looking for an easy stretch or want to test your limits. Our Analtoys put you in a good mood.


The following characteristics are particularly important for you:

On the one hand our analplugs can be used with the most common lubricants: so you do not have to do without your favorite lubricant

And on the other hand, our toys can be cleaned and disinfected very well and are therefore ready for the next use


Our Analtoys can accompany you for many years.

So do not wait long. Get ready today and ordered the high quality and durable Analtoys in various sizes and shapes. Enjoy the new charms our analtoys can offer you and HIM, and you will be able to enjoy your love life in a very creative way.


Is the anal plug a good preparation for anal sex?

The plug is very good, so you can prepare yourself or the partner for the anal intercourse. On the one hand, the muscle can get used to the stretching; on the other hand the stretching can be widened gradually by the use of differently sized analplugs. A distinction is made between two different fields of application. On the one hand, this anal plug can be used as a direct preparation for anal intercourse. In this regard, the anal plug is inserted before the traffic and held in position for a few minutes. The muscle can be so easy to relax in addition, simply pre-stretch. The penetration into the anus can thereby be made clearer even more easily more easily. It is easily possible to have normal sexual intercourse while wearing analplugs. This does not only help with relaxation, but can be perceived as extremely intense due to the anal plug. Anyone who has an anal plug and will continue to wear it over an extended period of time can even train the muscle more fully. This gets used to this stretching, so the anal traffic can be enjoyed almost any time without pain.


How do I use an anal plug correctly?

The anal plug should always be provided with enough lubricant. Hold the anal plug on the base plate and, if necessary, on the shaft of the plugs. With the tip of the anal plug you can now touch the anus and push the tip gently and carefully. Push the plug towards the belly. You should be able to feel the tip penetrate easily and without problems. If you are satisfied with this feeling, you can now push the anal plug carefully and gradually. Give the muscle sufficient time to get used to stretching. Slowly push the anal plug further until you have overcome the strongest point. The anal plug now slides by itself into its final position and is held secure by the sphincter. By pulling out and re-inserting you can often strengthen the effect of the analplugs on your excitement.

Now accept and order the right anal plug for your taste.