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Wet, tangy, clean: The douche and their uses

The shower for the female genital area is ideal for wet games. At the same time a douche for cleanliness and hygiene ensures - Sex can and should be "dirty", the "pitch" but maintained as possible! Besides the classic douche for women you can find in our assortment also Anal douches and enemas. This makes intimate hygiene fun!

The clean tools and showers at a glance:
- Douche for women
- Analdusche for women and men
- Douche on the go
- Analdusche for enemas with suction
- Shower head attachments, can be connected to every shower hose
- Extra long neoprene Duschaufsatz
- Douche with enema and vagina Duschaufsatz
- Enemas for soft filling

The many variants provide lots of fun! However, you can douche before a date to use for extensive personal hygiene. For even more fun, the practical tools but for two. Building the douche into a RPG, use them for the education of your Subs and discover the refined versions of intimate filling.

Here the douche with Klistieraufsatz is perfect for example. Even the design makes you want! The bright red pump ball made of rubber has a Klistierkanüle and a vagina-shower attachment. This wet and lively games are no limits! Ideal for hospital games of all kinds: The transparent-milky douche with 2 screw attachments is designed as oversized syringe and gives an idea of ​​what a nurse and doctor are ready!

Inconspicuous in appearance, thrilling in effect: shower attachments stainless steel
A clear and sober design and the high quality material makes the shower essays almost look like normal bathroom accessories. The chromed steel matches the smooth shape. Only your imagination gives the fascinating Toy its splashy display. You have the choice between the straight version and the version with mushroom head.

Quite different in material and appearance to introduce the super long shower essays from black neoprene. Smooth and easy bendable, they ensure a smooth, purposeful intrusion into the anal area and certainly bring about more than just cleanliness!

What kind of douche You might also decide: You will surely enjoy the damp gimmicks. See you in to rest, which variants you Steeltoyz offers. From the hygienic douche to refined Duschaufsatz, by enema to MegaSquirt you will find a wide choice!