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To determine the appropriate size for the ballstretcher one ideally uses a flexible measuring instrument. This can be a flexible tape measure, but also with a cord or a shoelace in combination with a ruler or yardstick can determine exact values. The tape is applied to measure directly above the testicles without pressure. Here, a little air should always be allowed, so that a pin or the little finger to fit between the tape and skin. If you have determined the extent of the diameter can be easily calculated. For this purpose, simply divide the circumference in millimeters by 3.14. Based on this measure, you can now choose the appropriate size.


We offer cockrings in many different variants and materials. This includes both stretchable materials such as rubber, latex or silicone, but also stable materials such as leather and stainless steel.
In determining the appropriate size, you must decide where the penis ring is to be worn. You can get it in front of the glans, in the testes but also wear behind the testicles, of course.
Create a flexible tape measure at the place where you intend to wear the penis ring. Let a little air, so that you can still push a pen or the little finger in between.
IMPORTANT: When measuring the penis should be erect.
The thus determined girth of the penis in millimeters sharing then to determine the diameter by 3.14. Search now the next smaller size for your cock ring. Because of that the desired effect, this must be less than 3-5 millimeters in diameter than the penis itself. Only cock rings which shall comprise of the testes should be selected precisely.

Cockring Wear variants
A cock ring or cock ring is to ensure due to its effect for harder and longer lasting erections. Here, two different variants are distinguished. Firstly, a cock ring, which acts directly on the shaft of the penis and encircles this. The other variant enclosing penis and testicles alike. The size here is primarily on the material being used.
By wearing a penis ring to be possible a harder and more intense penile erection. But what size your penis needed at all?

Creating a two-part Ballstretcher of Steeltoyz correctly
The Ballstretcher should not be too small in principle to prevent it cuts off the circulation of blood. Now hold the lower part of the ball stretcher under the scrotum and bring there in position. With the thumb now testicles positioned so that they hang below the ring. Put Now the upper part and adjust it flush with both hands. the screws can be screwed then now carefully. It is important to ensure that the screw can be rotated easily, and do not tilt. Be especially careful that there are no skin and no pubic hair between the parts of Ballstretchers. Are the screws, you should ring the move a little to check the correct fit.
Make sure when choosing the size particularly on the right fit. The ring should not be too small, otherwise the testicles could be cut off. A too large diameter, however, offers insufficient maintenance and testicles could slip through the ring. The choice of weight and size are also of course the own and personal feeling dependent.

Especially as a beginner, however, should it be in the weight range at the beginning do not overdo it, as well as the body has to get used to such a weight. For this reason we offer our Ballstretcher in various weight classes between 150 g and 6 kg.
But also include smaller weights already show a noticeable effect and can the beginner already totally convince. Of course our Ballstretcher therefore offer sufficient room for increases according to your well-being.
Our Ballstretcher offer besides the weight and diameter of course also differences in length. So are ideal for beginners Ballstretcher with a length of 22-35 mm, which we offer Ballstretcher up to a height of 90 millimeters. Do you want to be particularly flexible in the level, you should be able to consider several Ballstretcher simultaneously to carry. It should always be the closest Ballstretcher used directly on the testicles to prevent slippage of the other rings.

Important advice for cleaning up:
For cleaning it is sufficient to clean Ballstretcher and cock rings with hot water and soap. For products made of stainless steel can be cleaned with alcohol.

The material stainless steel:
Stainless steel is not the same everywhere. Cheap products from China or Pakistan can be made of various alloys, to be poorly produced and even provide considerable risk of injury. For this reason, you will only get quality Made in Germany, you can feel and can experience with us. The polished surfaces and rounded edges characterize our products here against cheap competitors. Our screws are manufactured with precision and a perfect match to the threads used. So you can use our toys without risks.

A final warning:
Should be wearing uncomfortable, it should be tingling or you notice skin changes, you should stop the game and take the cock ring or ball stretcher as quickly as possible.

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