Analtoys & Anal Sex Guide

Anal sex is described by most as very intense and especially beautiful. It is one of the dirtiest types of sex (because of bacteria and co.) but, also a very intimate and trusting way of bonding. To be able to have anal sex, you must be ready to fully relax
Anal beads are a sex toy that is suitable for both men and women. It is, so to speak, a unisex toy. They come in many different variations, yet they always serve the same purpose. They are used for anal stimulation. Whereby for the ladies there is nothing against using them vaginally as well. Anal plugs and anal balls are equally popular for sexual games. However, anal beads have the advantage of consisting of several round bodies and are therefore more intense than plugs
Proper fingering must be skillful. In thought, the finger is simply pushed into the anus and then it fits. In reality, however, it takes a lot more.
Anal sex is an enrichment for your sex life. It's nice that you want to try something new. In this comprehensive guide we will try to prepare you optimally for it.
Fisting offers enormous feelings of pleasure through stretching and can be enjoyed by both women and men. A good preparation and a slow stretching is essential. It is important to use good protection and especially high-quality lubricants.

Anal plugs: good or harmful for the sphincter muscle

Time and again, we hear horror stories about anal plug wearers being threatened with fecal incontinence or a weakened sphincter. But the dangers are much smaller than one might think. Because regular use

Advisor: Which anal plug is right for me?

If you like the feeling of anal stretching and would like to enjoy this feeling over a long period of time, then an anal plug is just right for you. But the choice is huge and the decision for or against a toy is extremely difficult in many cases. We explain to you exactly

What is an anal plug?

As Anal plug is called the so-called anal plug, which belongs to the sex toys and is used for rectal stimulation. This is inserted into the anus and stretches it. To prevent it from slipping completely into the bowel, this has a wide base, which remains in front of the sphincter. The Anal plug is used for both stimulation and preparation for anal intercourse.
Pegging is a term that comes up again and again. But what is actually meant by this practice? We'll tell you exactly what pegging is, how you can best bring up the subject, and what you need for pegging together. It's simple and easy to understand.
Anilingus requires a lot of trust and hygiene, but is then an intense feeling for man and woman. By means of anilingus you can gently and intensively provide intense feelings and lead partner*in close to the climax. With appropriate aids, the feelings can be even more intense, so that the anilingus can lead to anal intercourse.