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Schwarze Liebeskugeln
Love balls with vibroball
With these love balls you can feel a special feeling of pleasure. They are love balls with vibroball. Here you have not only joy directly at the introduction, but also afterwards. Without your intervention you feel pleasant vibrations....
€19.95 *
Vibro egg "Purple Pill" Velvet
On and off, as well as 4 different speed levels are available to experience with the Purple Pill Velvet vibrating egg many stimuli. The ABS coating and the PU coating provide a velvety penetration of 5.5 cm, so that the 3.5 cm diameter...
€19.95 *
Zwei rote Liebeskugeln
Fiery red love balls
Introducing love balls also makes you happy when they are made attractively. These love balls are fiery red. They have an attractive design. These are two pretty heavy love balls. You connected with a red string, which ends as a return...
€14.95 *
Vibro-Ei "Velvet"
Black Bullet - vibrating egg "Velvet"
The black Black Velvet vibrating egg is equipped with a four-step remote control, so you can enjoy a variety of erotic pleasures. The black vibrating egg is responsible for ecstasy in the anal and vaginal area. This will underline two...
€21.95 *
Mini Vibro Ei
Velvet Red
This little vibrating egg can be your practical companion. It is a mini vibrating egg, which disappears effortlessly in you. There is a handy radio remote control. The remote control gives you four vibration levels. The egg is small and...
€26.95 *
Vibro-Ei Black
Vibrating Egg Wireless Black
Use the 7 speed levels to experience erotic pleasures with the wireless vibrating egg in black. The mid-priced vibrating egg is controllable with a remote control and in addition you can enjoy the quality standards of the ABS material...
€54.95 *
Violettfarbene Liebeskugeln
Velvet Balls Purple
These purple love balls provide stimulating moments for you. There are three love balls. They are connected with thin silicone rings. At the end of the small ball chain is a return loop. It is also made of silicone. For the complete love...
€17.95 *
vibrierende Liebeskugel
Vibrating Black Balls
These love balls have real sense of rhythm. This feeling will also be transferred to you very quickly. They are love balls with several vibration rhythms. There are five different vibration levels. The steps or rhythms you set with the...
€23.95 *