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Harnröhrenstecker hohl aus Edelstahl | Dilator Spiele
Urethral plug hollow made of stainless steel
The urethra plug is a penis plug with a ball design that was developed especially for the sensitive lust zone of a man! This dilator has a retaining ring at the end that you can use to precisely direct it. The plug is hollow on the...
€24.95 *
Zaumzeug für Sie und Ihn
Hard Sedentary bridle for him and her
This noble and attractive bridle is perfect for her and him suitable. The necklace is thanks carabiner variable in length and can be optimally adapted to the support therefore. The central element of the bridle is the stable chest ring,...
€24.95 *
Bridle with neck strap
Bridle with neck strap
Put on this exciting chain bridle from your partner and enjoy it as the massive and seamlessly crafted metal chains nestle against your naked body. With a length of 2 x 23 cm and 2 x 45 cm, the chains decorate your nipples and your...
€32.95 *
Eichelring mit Spermstopper
Glans ring with sperm stopper
Experience a great feeling with the glans ring with sperm stopper! This glans ring is provided with a urethral stopper. Your desire increases more and more, until you finally come. And then you will be slowed down! The urethra stopper...
€29.95 *
Eichelring mit Kugel
Glans Ring with Ball
This glans ring offers you several useful properties. It is a silver acorn ring. He is equipped with a bullet. The ball makes the ring a real gem. You can wear it well as a simple piercing. But sexually, this glans ring brings you a lot....
€19.95 *
Schamlippenklemmen Metall
Metal bridles for sophisticated women
Hot eroticism and finely tuned pain await you with this metal bridles. The tight-fitting and working with gentle pressure brackets you provide enough leeway to explore the boundaries of your desire to succeed. Both the nipple clamps, as...
€21.95 *
Brustklemmen mit Gewichten
Tingling Nipple-Weights with weights (100g)
If you need a little more weight and pressure and want to play very creative, then you should this Nipple-Weights envisage. The stable and extremely well designed terminals not only provide a high level of comfort, but also a well...
€22.95 *
Metal bust chain for the nipple Sextreme
This bus chain from Sextreme gives you tingling Feelings that are freely adjustable from gentle to hard! The metal clamps for the nipples are individually adjustable by means of metal rings on the 28 cm long bus chain. The pressure...
€14.95 *
Shiny metal bus chain with terminals for that special pleasure experience
Shiny metal bus chain with terminals for that...
The metal bus chain with terminals is ideal for YOU and HIM. It not only looks extremely stylish but also promises a very special feeling of lust. The 30 cm long chain with removable protective caps on the clip is of course not only...
€14.95 *
Round nipple screw clamps in black
Away from "flower sex", to erotic adventures, with the black, round nipple screw clamps. The necklace is 33 cm long and light as a feather. She looks gorgeous when she was put from one nipple to the other nipple. The partner will fix the...
€17.95 *
Brustwarzenklammern mit Kette und Penisring
Nipple clamps with chain and cockring: pure...
Do you like it like a little stronger and more interesting? Then the nipple clamps are exactly right for you. Because the narrow toothed and provided with a robust protective sleeve nipple clamps not only ensure a solid grip and a good...
€19.95 *
Leather Strap
Leather Strap
Black, studded leather strap with three interchangeable cock rings (Ø 3 cm, Ø 3.5 cm and Ø 4 cm). Penis and testicle straps are adjustable.
€14.95 *
Stimulation Current Starter Set
Stimulation Current Starter Set
Electric stimulation machine: strength, frequency and duration of pulses are independently adjustable in 3 different degrees. Two jacks for simultaneous operation of additional equipment. Comes with 9V-batteries. Accessories: - 2...
€129.00 *
Metall-Busenkette ohne Piercing!
Metal bust chain without piercing!
The bust chain with loops is an anmachen bust jewelry without piercing! This bus chain provides a highly erotic sight for your partner and gives you a pleasantly sexually stimulating wearing feeling. Just put the end loops around your...
€14.95 *
E-Sex Cock Ring
E-Sex Cock Ring
Electro-Sex accessory! Pack includes 2 silicone cock/testicle rings (Ø 4 cm/ Ø 5 cm). Please use both rings at the same time to ensure unrestrained current flow.
€49.95 *
Spekulum aus Edelstahl
Stainless steel speculum polished and matt
Deep insight into the female anatomy provides you the stainless steel speculum in any case. 10.5cm are the dimensions of the sheet length and the width is 4cm. Up to 10cm, the vagina can spread, so you can give a deep insight or enjoy...
€39.95 *
Double Straps
Double Straps
The penis-testicle strap can be adjusted individually by velcro closure. Length of penis strap: 20 cm, width: approx. 6 cm. Length of testicle strap: 25.5 cm, width: approx. 2 cm. Material: leather.
€11.95 *
Eichelring mit Penisplug
Glans ring with penis plug
The glans ring with penis plug is something for brave men. He provides exciting moments and is a special sex toy. You have a plug here that you can insert into your urethra. Behind your glans ring is then also a movable ring with ball....
€34.95 *
Harnröhrenstecker Harnröhrenstecker
Corrugated Urethral Plug Dip Stick Ribbed 8
The corrugated urethral plug is a dilator for the urethra of the man who gives you with his ribbed structure sexual heights. He is introduced with lubricant. This allows it to be used without injury. You can choose the depth of insertion...
€29.95 *
Jewel Butt Plug
Jewel Butt Plug
Silver coloured anal plug with a rhinestone diamond. 5.6 cm long, plug-Ø 2.4 cm. Material: steel, acrylic glass (rhinestone).
€34.95 *