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Icicles no. 2 glass dildo with stimulus balls
The stimulus balls on the Icicles No.2 glass dildo are real eye-catchers and ensure the ultimate kick in the bed. The transparent glass dildo is hygienically provided with excellent care, and if you like, it can even come in the...
€39.95 *
Glasdildo blau
Icicles No.5 glass dildo with base and...
The quality glass of the transparent glass dildo is made according to the old-fashioned mouth-blowing tradition and nevertheless the Icicles No.5 inspires in a fair price range. The cleaning in the dishwasher is possible, but also the...
€29.95 *
Transparenter Glasdildo Icicles No. 7
Icicles No.7 - the transparent glass dildo for...
The odorless glass dildo is transparent and suitable for women. The handmade glass dildo is processed high quality and the quality glass is safe to use the depth of insertion of 14.5 cm extensively. On a diameter of 2.8 cm, the ladies do...
€29.95 *
Pink anal plug made of glass
The pink anal plug made of medical and anti-allergic glass is suitable for men and women. The high-quality glass anal plug impresses with its easy handling and is also dishwasher-safe to ensure hygiene. The base of the glass butt plug...
€34.95 *