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Labia Spreader
Set consisting of 4 adjustable garter clips with labia clip plus a pair of simple black stockings. 100% polyamide.
€14.95 *
Augenmaske aus schwarzem Lederimitat
Eye Mask
Slightly padded and made of black imitation leather. Velcro fastener in the back. 100% polyurethane.
€12.95 *
Dildo am Mundknebel
Dildo on the mouth gag
Sex becomes a completely new experience with this dildo on the mouth gag. Whether you have sex with him or with her, all of you will have fun in bed with this special gag. The dildo is easy to put on and at the same time will keep you...
€29.95 *
Ostrich Feather pink
Ostrich Feather pink
A tickling accessory! 11.8" (30 cm) pink ostrich feather on a stick (15.7"/40 cm) to complete your french maid costume.
€14.95 *
Ostrich Feather turqouise
Ostrich Feather turqouise
A tickling accessory! 11.8" (30 cm) turquoise ostrich feather on a stick (15.7"/40 cm) to complete your french maid costume.
€14.95 *
BDSM Maske im Hundekopf Design
BDSM mask in dog's head design
Do you enjoy BDSM games in the bedroom or playroom? Then you need a BDSM mask that reminds of a dog. This mask is perfect if you want to show who the master is. The mask itself has a distinctive dog's snout and dog ears. It can be easily...
€39.95 *
Geschälter Rohrstock
Peeled cane with latex coating
Very strong and incredibly beautiful: This rawstock with latex cover is a must-have for every BDSM fan. The elastic stick made of rattan gives you the opportunity to easily determine the degree of hardness of your strokes yourself. He...
€12.95 *
Silicone Pads
Silicone Pads
2 anatomically shaped silicone pads: your breasts will appear 1-2 cups bigger than before. Each one is stored inside a box. Skin-toned.
€29.95 *
Mouthgag, so she is finally silent
Of course, mouth gags are there to calm her down and take sex to completely new levels. With the gag with a diameter of 4 cm, she will be absolutely calm. You both can have some of it. The mouth gag is closed with a buckle and can be...
€14.95 *
Hals-, Hand- und Fußfessel aus Lederimitat
Imitation leather imitation neck, hand and foot...
With the article, you can tie your partner or partner from neck to toe. You will receive with an order neck, hand and ankle bracelet made of imitation leather. The shackles have adjustable buckle closures and offer you a lot of design...
€69.95 *
Chain string
Chain string
Black elastic band string with studded artificial leather in the front and 2 crotch chains attached to a ring in the front. Material: polyamide.
€24.95 *
softes Lack Lacken
A soft paint varnish for wet games
Let it get really wet in bed. You do not have to worry about the bedding. Just use the soft paint sheet. This sheet is pleasantly soft. It captures all liquids without absorbing them. So you can easily clean the sheet afterwards. It just...
€29.95 *
Mundknebel in Golfball-Optik
The "hard" gag, which looks like a golf ball
You want to quiet your partner and want to show who the master is in the house? This golf ball shaped (Ø approx. 4 cm) mouth gag will guarantee peace and quiet in the bed. Just push the mouth gag into your mouth and let your fantasies...
€9.95 *
Lack Spannbettlaken
This sheet also fits on your mattress
The fitted sheet has dimensions of 220 x 220 cm. So it fits on your mattress, if it is particularly large. It is a paint sheet, which is provided with stretch. The stretch material ensures that the bed sheet does not slip. You can play...
€59.95 *
Lacquer sheets in innocent white 200 x 230 cm
Lacquer sheets in innocent white 200 x 230 cm
At first glance, it looks like a normal bed sheet. However, this is a paint sheet. This is 100% vinyl. It is a wipeable sheet for wet games. It is white and looks pleasantly innocent. Your shyness you will quickly lose on this sheet. The...
€29.95 *
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