About us


As an craft business we manufacture a large part of the products that we offer, of course, in our operation. We have specialized mainly in the production of SM equipment and toys, which are both for the professional, but also for the private sector. From over 6000 items in our assortment you will find under warranty the right equipment for your needs.



Marcel Kühne Owner



Thanks to our experienced and highly trained staff, we can not only expanding our range constantly, but our clients also offer a very special service. If you wish, we produce naturally also unique pieces for you. Whether by design or sample: Here you get their desired toys of the highest quality. From very small to very large - we let their desires easily be true.




State of the art machinery, a tremendously stable and high-quality manufacturing all of our listings. We place special emphasis on clean and flawless craftsmanship of the toys that we offer. All products manufactured by us are thereby subjected to ongoing quality checks. So we can very flexibly and effectively respond to your wishes. Your individual pieces are manufactured with precision and with highest precision, so that your wishes can be completely satisfied always.




We use in our production only high quality materials, such as stainless steel. These materials offer the advantage here that they are not only easy to clean, but also their suitability for people with allergies is a real and not to be underestimated advantage.


As a German craft business, we can decorate with the quality seal "Made in Germany" us at our products. This feel our customers in every single toy and in every single product out of our hands. We provide this fast, punctual and reliable and always set new standards in quality and value.