Guide: Which anal sex lubricant is for me the right?

How to find the right lube for anal sex

Intense and intimate as anal sex is hardly a variant of mutual pleasure. Not only does trust and relaxation play an important role, but also the ability to stretch the passive partner. In order to enjoy the anal sex properly and relaxed, the use of a high-quality lubricant is recommended in any case. After all, both partners should be able to enjoy the pleasure intensively. And this only happens when the back door of the passive partner is slippery and ready for the intruder.

A good lubricant is worth gold
Whether you're looking for a woman, a woman on a man, a man on a man or a woman on a woman: in any of these combinations, anal sex is a very intimate and intense way to feel and to make the partner happy. The better the lubricant used is adapted to this area of ​​application, the easier it is for the actual act. Of course, you can also use normal lubricant, but lubrication for the anal traffic is often characterized by its very special characteristics. Thanks to the large selection you can gradually find a suitable lubricant according to your taste. For everyone has their own ideas of preferences, which should be covered by the anal sex lubricant.

What are the properties of the lubricant?

If you are looking for a good lubricant for anal intercourse, then you should take good care of water-based lubricants at an early stage. They dry out too quickly and lose their good properties. When this happens in the middle of traffic, it can quickly become unpleasant to painful. Especially since a new moistening with water is enormously difficult in many of these situations. On the other hand, modern water-silicone combinations are much better suited for long-lasting lubrication of the rear door. Many people swear especially on particularly viscous lubricating gels, as these can be applied more pleasantly and thus seem almost ideal for these gadgets.

Gentle for toys and condoms
Good lubricants for the anal sex are also gentle to your toys and the condoms used. Regardless of the safety, you should use a condom in anal sex, as this will increase the gliding ability in many cases. However, when the lubricant attacks the condom or makes it crack, the sometimes necessary protection is gone. Pay particular attention to the fact that your chosen lubricant is optimally suited for use with condoms. Thus, you and your partner or your partner do not have to experience unsightly and unwanted surprises.

For beginners and professionals

The wide range of modern gliding gels makes it easy to find the right gel for anal sex. It is important, however, not to be impressed by the different advertising promises. Some lubricating gels and glide sprays offer the desired side effect, but they are not suitable for every player. Cooling and thus relaxing gels are also suitable for beginners and help with the first steps in the area of ​​the anal pleasures. Relax sprays and relax creams also ensure a better elasticity and easier relaxation thanks to their ingredients. However, these should be used rather by the advanced users, who can and want to achieve better stretching. For the normal anal traffic, however, such measures are only conditionally suitable. Above all, the emphasis should be on the exercise and the slow pre-stretching. Only then the passive partner can enjoy the anal sex to the fullest.

For which lubricant you decide, depends on your taste. Some may prefer the liquid lubricants, others may prefer thicker and more compact. The easiest way to find the perfect lubricant for you is to try and try different varieties. So you can quickly and without much effort find the optimal solution. Be assured: Every specially developed lubricant for anal sex is by far superior to a conventional lubricant in this field of application. So you can enjoy anal pleasures better and more relaxed.

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