E-Stim Moaner Flanged Electrode

E-Stim Moaner Flanged Electrode


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Mona"" is one of E-Stim Systems latest creations. Based on a cross between a Pike and the classic... more
Description "E-Stim Moaner Flanged Electrode"
Mona"" is one of E-Stim Systems latest creations. Based on a cross between a Pike and the classic Flanged electrode Mona has turned out to be very popular with our test team....and that is always a good sign. (And the name? well according to one of the test team it made her moan!!!!) With a larger head and the security and comfort of the flanged base Mona is ideal for those who want just that little bit more and its supplied with a grooved and recessed base, giving improved grip and easier connection.As with the majority of E-Stim Systems electrodes the Mona is constructed with an insulated 'neck' to aid anal retention and its size provides extended length. Built with aircraft grade materials these electrodes will, if cared for, last for years. Can be disassembled for cleaning.Unlike most other E-Stim electrodes on the market today the contact points are top and bottom rather than side to side, providing a more natural feeling action when the electrode moves.As with all insertable electrodes, please ensure you clean them before and after use. Ensure they are totally dry before storage.Fitted with 4mm sockets.Electrode Data Overall length 115mm(mm) Diameter 50/35/40mm(mm) Base 35mm(mm) Neck 35mm(mm) Head 45mm
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