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Bullet Fifty Shades of Gray Mini Vibrator
Vibrating bullet from the official Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Collection. A sleek vibrating bullet combining powerful vibrations and a smooth tip to stimulate your intimate spots for intense pleasure – whether alone or with a partner....
€16.95 *
Anal chain from the Fifty Shades of Gray...
The Fifty Shades of Gray Collection is truly the must-see here. The smooth anal chain with guaranteed feeling authenticity must not be missed on this occasion. The inexpensive model is made of high quality silicone, to easily introduce...
€19.95 *
Detailgetreue "Fifty Shades of Grey" Gerte
True to detail "Fifty Shades of Gray" whip
The book and movie classics of the erotic SM and BDSM art Fifty Shades of Gray you know for sure or? Here comes a detailed model of a device from the movie, which can certainly help you with the spanking. Free of animal contents, the...
€31.95 *
Penis ring with integrated clit vibrator
Penis ring with integrated clit vibrator
Elegant, functional and extremely exciting. This pleasantly tight cock ring in anthracite color not only looks beautiful, but also provides several times for a higher enjoyment in bed. On the one hand, the penis ring provides a harder...
€19.95 *
Kreuz-Bettfesseln Verwendung
Keep Still Cross-Bed Restraints
You are tied to the bed with the Keep Still Cross-Bed Cuffs. This product is a complete restraint set. The Keuzfessselset will fix your legs and arms. It is suitable for all bed sizes. As the product name reveals, the fetters are...
€56.95 *
Finger Ring for stimulating games
With the Secret Touching Finger Ring you can enjoy a special stimulation. It is a tiny vibrator. The vibrator is equipped with a finger ring. The ring has a diameter of 1.5 cm. He can be easily plugged. The resting surface of the small...
€16.95 *
Vibro Ei
High Quality Vibro Egg Heavenly
This high quality vibrating egg is called "Heavently Massage Bullet Vibrator". The Vibrotoy is slightly elongated. The typical egg shape is still faithful. The ice cream is made of silicone and comes with batteries included. It is ready...
€12.95 *
Mini vibrator Shades of Gray finds the G-spot
Finding the woman's G-Spot is not easy. Especially not without aids. Now, if you pick up the G-spot Mini Vibrator Shades of Gray, then you've got a vibrator that's a true all-rounder. The G-Spot Mini Vibrator comes from the official...
€29.95 *
Vibrierender Penisring
Vibrating Cock Ring "50 Shades of Gray"
Elegant and functional at the same time, this penis ring in the 50 Shades of Gray design will delight both you and your partner. The penis ring with a stretchable diameter of 3.4 centimeters is very easy to put on and provides a...
€15.95 *
Liebeskugeln Inner Goddess
Love Balls Inner Goddess
The love balls Inner Goddess are absolutely smooth and smooth. They are love balls made of metal. With this product you own an erotic toy from the Fifty Shades of Gray series. They are love balls for pelvic floor weakness. You can use it...
€30.95 *
Extravagant noble glass dildo "Fifty Shades of...
A glass dildo like the "Fifty Shades of Gray" dildo dumbbell can rarely resist woman and man. The waterproof glass dildo is something for the eye, but also qualitatively for this occasion, higher quality than other models. The slightly...
€35.95 *
You.Are.MineHandcuffs "classic" You.Are.Mine
Simply handcuff to the bed with classic handcuffs to help you stand out with the You.Are.Mine handcuffs from "Fifty Shades of Gray". The storage bag is made of fine satin and the handcuffs themselves made of sturdy metal. For the...
€19.95 *
Satin paddle "Twitchy Palm"
Satin paddle "Twitchy Palm"
A light pat can use your girlfriend or your friend? How about the noble spanking paddle made of high quality satin called Twitchy Palm? The 32cm are ergonomically in your hand and are ideal for punishing evil men / women or to...
€31.95 *
Small and handy whip
Small and handy whip for easy pain The whip "Please Sir with her gray straps and the black style exactly fulfills your requirements for the SM / BDSM and she is the whip that makes you experience exactly the pain you are aiming for. That...
€25.95 *
Shackle Kit "Fifty Shades of Gray"
Shackle Kit "Fifty Shades of Gray"
You want to start with the erotic passion of fetters? Have you already seen Fifty Shades of Gray? Then you are with this kit for beginners certainly super advice to enjoy the pure passion and devote yourself to the art of restraint. It...
€61.95 *
Nipple clamps for the erogenous zones
You like Bondage and Fifty Shades of Gray Collection? Then the nipple clamps are something for you. No matter if you are a beginner or a lover of bondage games, with this erotic toy you will have pure pleasure. They are very good tools...
€16.95 *
Charlie Tango - the vibrator 2 for...
Known from Fifty Shades of Gray, the Charlie Tango vibrator with 17cm length is a great buying decision to make the erotic varied with your partner or alone or what do you think? At 3 speed levels you can look forward to 4 vibration...
€39.95 *
Delicious Fullness - the vibrator for anal...
The chic anal vibrator "Delicious Fullness" is in every household, where Fifty Shades of Gray like to be re-enacted, the anal erotic the doors are open and needs to be taken care of variety. The total length of 13cm are not exaggerated...
€30.95 *
Extravagant black and silver handcuffs
Extravagant black and silver handcuffs
Wrist restraints are nothing new in German beds, but the extravagant handcuffs in black and silver have sprung from those of "Fifty Shades of Gray". With that you could like to try out the life of "Christian Gray" at home, but even so...
€17.95 *
Ovales Vibro Ei
Oval vibrating egg with remote control and...
With this vibrating egg you have a luxury boy. The erotic toy is from the Fifty Shades of Gray series. It is completely black. The vibrating egg has a remote control and a charging cable. The remote control is attractively designed. It...
€99.95 *
A lovely love ball quartet
With the love ball quartet Fifty Shades of Gray you can always feel new pleasure. The quartet can be freely combined. The balls have different weights. Two balls can be in the silicone rings with the return strap at the same time. How...
€35.95 *
Elegant gray vibration penis ring
Elegant gray vibration penis ring
With its inner diameter of stretchable 3.5 centimeters, this gray cock ring is intended rather for the taller grown men. He ensures a very good blood congestion in the penis and thus for a harder and longer-lasting erection. But that's...
€19.95 *
Again and Again Adjustable Cock Ring
This elegant penis loop made of gray silicone is not only a real eye-catcher, but also convinces with its open understatement. The penis loop has a printed slide closure and can thus be easily adapted to the size of your penis. Once in...
€12.95 *
Graue Liebeskugeln
Gray love balls bring movement into play
These love balls are from the Fifty Shades of Gray series. They are completely gray. There are two love balls. They are connected by a short bridge and end in a return strap. The product is made of silicone. So you can keep the sex toy...
€19.95 *
Bondage Seile Set
Bondage ropes set for tight bondage
If you like it harder and prefer bondage, the bondage set is perfect. It includes two ropes. The ropes are each five meters long. Each rope has metal end caps. These make the ropes even more intense and stronger. BDSM is a tough kind of...
€17.95 *
Silicone anal plug in beautiful shape
Driven by Desire Silicone Anal Plug, is the sex toy you need. It has a magnificent shape that hits the P point exactly. The toy is from the Fifty Shades of Gray series. The fun toy is completely gray. It is made of silicone. The surface...
€14.95 *
At My Mercy - erotic nipple jewelery
Pimp your bosom with At My Mercy. It is a decorative nipple necklace. The chain emphasizes your breasts and makes it even more eye-catching. It is a silver chain with nipple clamps. The ball chain has adjustable clamps. So you can choose...
€19.95 *
Just sensation stimulates the clitoris
Horny feelings and hot moments - that's what the erotic toy Just Sensation stands for. This clitoris clamp accompanies the sensation of even more passion. Especially this sex toy is very well suited for experimenting couples. Of course,...
€12.95 *
Vibrator mit Klitorisreizarm
Oh My, the vibrator with clitoral stimulus
The clitoris is not that easy to stimulate. But with the help of the dark blue vibrator called Oh My, it is finally possible to skillfully address this human pleasure center. Because this vibrator has a clitoral stimulus. And in the form...
€99.95 *
Desire Explodes stimulates the G-spot
Desire Explodes stimulates the G-spot
You have a burning desire for a hot foreplay? Then you should try the Desire Explodes. It is a G-spot vibrator of the extra class. You can use this vibrator model to precisely stimulate the G-spot. This vibrator is powered by two motors....
€89.95 *