What do I do with a Ball stretcher ? Meaning and purpose

First of all, you should consider the purpose of the Ball stretcher, because after that the further selection of the material is directed.

Ball stretcher have the task, the basic idea, to surround the hodensack above the testes and to stretch.

As a result, the testicles themselves are pressed into the end of the sac's neck. So the longer the ballstretch itself, the more weight and stretching ability it has. This ranges from a light feeling of the enclosed to the strong pull in the length, quite with wanted, light to strong pain feeling. Here, first of all, the purpose of the ballstretch is to be considered, and what wear comfort is desired. It is also important to consider how long and on which occasion it should be worn.

-Lust or punishment,


All-in-one convenience is the ...

Then the material, the weight and also the type of closure of the Ball stretcher should be selected.

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