The wall thickness of the ballstretcher / inner edge profile / chamfer

As a rule of thumb one can say: The thinner the wall thickness, the lower the wearing comfort with increasing weight, because it presses with the lower "inner edge" and the lower front side on the scrotum and testicles.

The lower inner edge and thickness of the front side (wall thickness) thus determine how much weight the wearer individually perceives as comfortable.
There are no sharp inner and outer edges on metal ball stretchers from Steeltoyz, as they have been rounded off by small radii.

At this point we would like to point out a "small revolution" in the field of ball stretchers, developed by the author and implemented in the manufacturing process with the Steeltoyz company.

This is the enlargement of the bearing surface for the total weight on the testicles. Instead of a rounded, lower inner edge, a bevel is turned on the inside (chamfer).

Instead of an inner edge resting on the testicles, the result is a resting bevel (8x8 mm or 10x10 mm), which distributes the total weight better. However, this is only possible with heavy ball stretchers (> 1 kg) with sufficient wall thickness (from 10 mm) and is not part of the standard metal ball stretchers from Steeltoyz.

If you are convinced by this idea, which has already been tried and tested on ball stretchers weighing 1.5 kg and 2.3 kg, and you would like to have this increase in carrying comfort on your ball stretcher, then write to Mr. Kühne before placing an order. He will tell you whether this is sensible and possible for your desired ball stretcher.
The chamfer is an option that requires further work steps and is associated with small additional costs, but rest assured: it is worth it.
The bevel can be selected as an option on most ballstretchers that we offer. Just write us an email


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