Intimate shower & anal shower for cleansing

At Steeltoyz you will find anal showers and intimate showers in many designs - optimal for all games.

At Steeltoyz you will find anal showers and intimate showers in many designs - optimal for all games.

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The intimate shower has of course a few disadvantages, but certainly the advantages are much greater. It's high time to get rid of these prejudices and to introduce the intimate shower to you in more detail.

The advantages of the intimate shower

✔ The intimate shower keeps your most intimate body part clean.
✔ With a regular intimate shower application you can prevent infections well.
✔ When used vaginally, you can prevent excessive discharge.
✔ With this cleansing, bad intimate odours are a thing of the past.
✔ Certain designs can arouse and even satisfy you sexually.
✔ You can use intimate showers vaginally and anally.
✔ You can always replace the intimate showers quickly.
✔ The strength of the water jet can be varied.
✔ Intimate showers are designed so that you cannot hurt yourself with them.

The disadvantages of the intimate shower

✘ There are still many prejudices on the subject.
✘ Some designs require you to remove your conventional shower head.
✘ Some users get the idea of using dangerous substances for rinsing.

Away with the prejudices

1. intimate showers are only used for sex practices

This is a point that especially the older generation still sees in this way. Of course intimate showers can be used for sex practices. First and foremost, however, it is more of a hygiene product.

2. intimate showers are unnecessary, a normal shower head serves the same purpose.

No, you don't! A shower head does not have the optimal shape to allow a good cleaning of the intimate area. The hard water jet is certainly quite pleasant for satisfaction, but not for cleaning. Injuries can occur. Intimate showers have a special shape and not such a powerful water jet.

3. only homosexual men clean themselves with intimate showers!

Oh really? Funny, because women in particular like to use the intimate shower. It can be used vaginally and anally. In many southern countries even toilet paper is replaced by the intimate shower. There's nothing homosexual about it.


Conclusion - experience the pure pleasure

Have the courage and put aside all prejudices. Try the clean pleasure and simply test a douche yourself. You will notice that it is almost a real attitude to life to clean yourself like this. Even if you like anal intercourse, a cleaning in advance can't hurt. It is important that you do not use aggressive liquids for your intimate shower. There are people who fill your intimate shower with vinegar. Please do not do this, you will damage your mucous membranes. Simple water from the tap is perfectly sufficient to keep yourself clean and healthy.


The intimate shower for the female intimate area offers ideal conditions for wet games. At the same time a intimate shower ensures cleanliness and hygiene - sex can and should be "dirty", but the "playing field" should be as well-groomed as possible! In addition to the classic intimate shower for women, you will also find anal showers and enemas in the range. Intimate care is fun with them! 

The clean aids and intimate shower at a glance:

- Intimate shower for women
- Anal shower for women and men
- Intimate shower for on the go
- Anal shower for enemas with suction valve
- Shower head attachments, can be connected to any shower hose
- Extra long neoprene shower attachment
- Intimate shower with enema and vagina shower attachment
- Enema for gentle filling

The many different versions ensure a lot of pleasure! You can use the intimate shower before a date for extensive intimate care. But the practical aid is even more fun when used in pairs. Role-play the intimate shower, use it to educate your sub and discover the clever variations of intimate filling.

Intimate Shower-red

Here, for example, the intimate shower with enema attachment is perfectly suitable. The design alone makes you want to! The bright red rubber pump ball has an enema cannula and a vagina shower attachment. So there are no limits to wet and sparkling games! Optimal for all kinds of clinical games: The transparent milky intimate shower with 2 screw-on attachments is designed as an oversized syringe and gives an idea of what nurse and doctor are ready for!

Unobtrusive in appearance, exciting in effect: intimate shower made of stainless steel

Intimate Shower Metal-1

A clear, functional design and the high-quality material make the shower attachments look almost like normal bathroom accessories. The chrome-plated stainless steel matches the smooth shape. Only your imagination gives the fascinating toy its sparkling development. You have the choice between the straight version and the version with mushroom head.

The super long shower attachments made of black neoprene present themselves completely different in material and appearance. Smooth and slightly pliable, they ensure a gentle, purposeful penetration into the anal area and certainly do more than just clean up!

Whichever type of intimate shower you choose: you're sure to enjoy the wet gadgets. Take your time to look around and see which variations Steeltoyz offers you. From the hygienic intimate shower to the sophisticated shower attachment, from the enema to the mega-syringe, you will find a large selection of intimate showers.


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