Guide: Which anal plug is the right one for me?

Finding the right anal plug: No easy undertaking

If you are looking for a feeling of anal stretching and want to enjoy this feeling for a long time, then an anal plug is just right for you. However, the selection is huge and the decision for or against a toy is in many cases extremely difficult. We will explain exactly which plug is ideal for you and show you what you should pay attention to when purchasing a plugs.

Decide for a suitable material of the plugs

The choice of material for sex toys is enormous. Anal plugs can be found in silicone, from various plastics and vinyl, but also from stainless steel in various shapes. It is important in any case, that you only buy from well-known and well-known manufacturers. Because only with these you can be sure that no harmful softeners are present in the toys. Particularly durable, easy to clean and disinfect are plugs made of high-quality stainless steel, which also quickly assume your body temperature. So you can wear such plugs easily for a long period of time, without being perceived as disturbing. Once you've decided on a material, shape and size have to be determined.

The base plate - between comfort and safety
Each anal plug is shaped so that it can not completely disappear in the rectum. For this reason, each plug has a more or less large base plate, which should prevent slipping of the plugs. The size of the plate, however, varies depending on the model and contributes enormously to wearing comfort. The smaller the plate, the less you feel the plug in everyday life. But this feeling is appreciated by many people, who feel the plate between the buttocks as something very erotic and playful. In addition, this end of the plunger, depending on the model, can also be designed as a real eye-catcher. For example, you'll find plugs with different colored stones at the end, which kess between the buttocks look out and thus the eyes almost automatically draw on itself. So you can already choose the base plate of your individuality and let your taste free.

The shape of the plugs

Not all buttplugs are of the same shape. The choice of form is above all a question of taste and personal preferences. Depending on the shape, the penetration of the plug feels different. Men, for example, prefer to use plugs with a shape that can easily stimulate the prostate when worn. Thus, wearing the plugs becomes even more erotic and tingling. But women also appreciate the different forms and enjoy diversity. Beginners should use a classic plug to familiarize themselves with the feel of the plugs. However, in principle, all plugs are suitable for normal use. So here you can decide with which toy you want to surprise yourself or your partner.

The size - sometimes less is more

High quality buttplugs are available in various sizes, lengths and diameters. Which plug you choose depends, of course, on your own previous experience. Anyone who has not enjoyed any anal games yet should start small. You can still increase with time. But nothing is more unpleasant than buying a toy and not being able to use it. By wearing the plugs you can accustom yourself to the stretching and thus slowly work your way to the desired size. It is important not to overthrow it. Like any other muscle, the sphincter needs time to get used to the new stress.

You can see that it is not always easy to find the right buttplug. But once you have decided, you have a huge and wide choice.

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