Analplugs: Good or harmful to the sphincter

Again and again one hears horror stories, in which carriers of analplugs with chair incontinence or a weakened sphincter is threatened. The dangers are much smaller than you might think. For a regular use of an anal plug in the appropriate size can even strengthen the sphincter and prevent age-related incontinence. It is important, however, to be able to rely on the suitable buttplug and a sufficiently long training time. Then there is no longer any obstacle to extensive tragesessions.

Lubricant Anal

How long can you wear an anal plug?

Basically there are no restrictions on how long an anal plug can remain in place. At the latest the natural elimination requirements and the demands of everyday life can be a limiting factor here. However, the wearer should be aware of the fact that the effect of the lubricants used decreases with a longer period of trauma and disappears gradually. Water-based lubricants dry out after just over an hour, while silicone-based lubricants slowly lose their sliding effect even after two hours. If you want to remove the buttplug, you have to apply a new lubricant and if necessary, plan a little more time, since you can not work with violence.

Remove a dried anal plug safely
First of all it is important, which material the anal plug was manufactured from. With glass or metal, there are almost no complications, since the surface is pleasantly smooth and the plug can be easily removed. Slightly lubricant on the bridge of the plugs and this gently turn can simplify the removal of the toy already. A further stimulation with the anal plug can also simplify the whole, since by the increasing excitation the relaxation of the sphincter is easier. In no case, however, you should work with force or pull the plug, as this can lead to slight injuries to the sphincter, which should be avoided in any case.

Buttplug Njoy

An anal plug is really good for the sphincter

But yes. An anal plug is nothing more than an anal dilator prescribed by the doctor, which is used for sphincter incontinence. Through the gentle stretching of the sphincter, this is strengthened and learns to close completely again. However, one should not exaggerate it especially as beginners. For such a success, it is important to allow the sphincter to elongate over an extended period of time and only slowly. A good possibility would be the Njoy magic plug, which is suitable due to its shape and its narrow web perfectly for the entrance. Like a noble stainless steel plug with and without a stone, it is ideal for a beginner because of its size and texture and impresses with its attractive design and narrow head.

Start slowly and slowly

First of all, as a beginner, both the stainless steel anal plug and the Nyoy magic plug will take a little time until the heads can overcome the sphincter. Once in position both analplugs sit extremely pleasant and are also hardly disturbing in everyday life. It is important to leave enough time for the sphincter to get used to the stretching through the head as well as to the permanent stretching through the bridge of the buttplug. Only then can the user try out a larger or differently shaped buttplug if necessary and thus ensure a better stretch. If you slowly increase the stretching, you will have something of the toy and your own body.

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